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  • Very talented!!!!

    Michael Jackson may have had his problems and his share of bad publicity, but who can deny his talent in writing songs? And it wasn't just his songs that were great, but also his voice, his dances, and his infamous music videos. He is the King of Pop, and rightfully so. Many people don't like him because of the things the press say he did. People who believe what the press says need to take a long hard look at Michael Jackson's life as a small child and teenager. He was never allowed to be a child. As soon as he could sing, his father made him perform for the world. They never really cared about Michael. All they cared about what how much money he made. His parents made Michael who he was. So if you're an M.J. hater, take these words into consideration, and despise the people who made Michael turn into what he became. How can anyone blame a man for his parents mistakes? Goodbye Michael. You will be missed.