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  • Michael Jackson seems to have been plagued with controversy since the late 80's but that doesn't take away the fact he was a pretty generous human being, and a phenomenal singer and dancer. Definitely missed.

    Some people believe Michael Jackson is guilty of molestation, I don't though. Sure Michael Jackson had his eccentric nature but so does everyone else, you can't deny the fact that he made good albums like "Thriller" and "Off the Wall" and "Bad", and some of his newer material was pretty underrated as well. Like "They don't really care about us" and the Free Willy theme "Will You Be There." He was an incredible talent, and a one of a kind talent that we will probably never see the likes of ever again. It's kind of sad seeing Michael Jackson go, because he meant so many things to many different generations, say like the Beatles or Elvis Presley. Not to many artists have that kind of power, but Michael Jackson did. It's a shame his life became more intriguing then his music during his last few years, he seemed to be the victim of the media where as artists like Madonna would practically fight back against the media, Michael was to soft and got taken advantage. Michael was also a very notable humanitarian who donated money all over the world to as he would probably say "Heal the World." It's a shame his London concerts aren't taking place, because we had not yet witnessed the rebirth of Michael Jackson. What s shame, and RIP Michael Jackson.