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  • Michael is da man!!! And you better stop all these insults. He is innocent.

    Michael Jackson is one of the most amazing stars i have ever known. Tho many people find him a jackass but he is NOT! He has an amazing life. Lets look shall we? He started as a member of the Jackson Five. Then he made his most amazing album Thriller. Many of us love that album. But i don't know why he hate his look so much that he have to turn into this monster. The guy married Elvis's daughter Lisa Marie Presley. He feels that is nothing wrong about his new look that he composed the song "Black or White". Then things change and Michael had a disease that made him skinny. Just because he looks that way dosen't mean he is bad. Why don't people learn the phrase "you can't judge a book by its cover". It is because of Michael that his sister Janet also became a star. Wade Robson also got inspired by Micheal that he started dancing. Stars like Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliot also got inspiration from him. He inspired most of our new stars today. Just because he looks like that dosen't make him a bad person and so maybe he hang his baby over the balcony. Thats bad but he dosen't even know what he is doing. And this made me mad. Why people accused him of child molesting. He is innocent!! And you see how many fans felt about that. They were angry that their idol was being accused. Michael Jackson is a great man and he never gave up on disappointing his fans like me. He made the album "Greatest Hits" just for us to remember him. So stop insulting him so much. Michael is a truly amazing guy and respect him for that. Peace out!! and remember to stop your insults like ugly or whatever.