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  • A new face

    Foyle's War - first time to be introduced to acting of Michael Kitchen. Where have I been? Would like to know more about the actor. have seen him in Out of Africa. Reading his bio. I'm amazed at his talents outside of acting career. Wishing much success in 2014.
  • Great Actor

    One of our greatest stage actors. Shame he hasn't done more live Shakespeare. His Iago, in Othello, was one of the stand-out performances of my theatre-going life. Really enjoying Foyle's War. Hope they run an 'Unfinished Business' episode set in US.
  • About white heat.

    What went wrong Michael ? U look tired .sandran
  • Consistently engaging.

    My first exposure to Michael Kitchen was his role as Bill Tanner, the overworked and much-harangued Chief of Staff to Judi Dench's "M" in the later James Bond films. Even with just a few minutes of screen time in each, Kitchen was able to create a character who felt very real, a flesh-and-blood person that is so rarely seen in the 007 universe. Sadly, it seems his days in Bond are over, but I have recently begun watching his series "Foyle's War" and am thrilled to see him in a piece where he is the lead.

    Kitchen is an actor who can still convey emotion without speaking - indeed, some of his expressions and asides in "Foyle's" are better than any spoken dialogue. He's not a traditional leading man, but does consistently deliver a nuanced performance. I want to track down more of his work and see more roles from this very talented actor.
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    i saw mobile on dvd,it is a great miniserie,sad dat it dit not show in holland,michael is a great acter,i have manny dvd's from him.and he is also a great looker
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    i saw mobile on dvd,it is a great miniserie,sad dat it dit not show in holland