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    • (on the historical accuracy often overlooked by audiences in "Foyle's War")
      Michael: When the series first went out in the States, for example, at the front of each episode a rather eminent historian spent a couple of minutes on camera explaining how that episode related to the period of war it's set in, what actual incidents have inspired it along with various things to look out for during the course of the programme. I think it's a great shame something similar doesn't happen when the series is screened in the UK. It undeniably adds another level and depth to the programme, not to mention the success this sort of prologue or introduction has had in the past - the Alfred Hitchcock series for example.

    • (his thoughts on golf)
      Michael: It's a wonderful game and I walked away from it; very appealing, but very time-consuming and too many other things to do. My eldest and I play about once a year...and we've never had enough balls to get around.

    • (on what he has in common with his character in "Foyle's War")
      Michael: Malt whiskys have always appealed to me - Laphroaig is my favourite. I'll also do Jack Daniels given half a chance. I fish more since my sons showed up; I always loved the idea of fly fishing, just never got round to it, but I saw the opportunity to introduce it into Foyle. Anthony originally had him as an amateur water colourist and for one or two reasons fly fishing didn't seem at all a bad substitute, so I knew that if all else failed I'd come away with something. Results so far outside the show - one fishing trip, one brown trout.

    • (on his first impressions of "Foyle's War")
      Michael: I was attached to quite a few projects when Foyle first came to me in its early drafts as The War Detective. Even then it was very high quality, always attractive, always going to be a strong contender and no great surprise when it was greenlit.

    • Michael: (Joking about his children's names in reference to his surname) Fitted is now in his GCSE year, and Farmhouse is currently in second-year prep.

    • Michael: (On playing James Bond) I'm a foot shorter than the qualifying height, as well as pretty much every other qualification.

    • Michael: Some of my friends have been interviewed and told me what to say and what not to say. Anyway, I hate talking about myself.