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    • Michael: If you go into a fitting room to try something on and can't think of more than a few situations when you would actually wear the item, it's not worth the money. Find the less expensive version.

    • Michael Kors: I never wear a belt. And never, ever tuck your shirt into shorts with a belt.

    • Michael Kors: (about Jessica Simpson) Jessica is a great friend and she's kind of a muse. She's the all-American girl but she's got a little edge to her.

    • Michael Kors: I wear the same thing every day. I always pack two black jackets, loads of black T-shirts, loads of white jeans. I feel a little fresh and glamorous and graphic.

    • Michael Kors: (about Project Runway) Fashion people are, by nature, an entertaining lot, so you don't have to work hard to make great television.

    • Michael Kors: Many Americans just think of fashion as...well, body covering. Shopping. Same thing as lunch.

    • Michael Kors: There's still this puritanical thing in the back of a lot of Americans' minds. You're not even supposed to admit that you like fashion, let alone are willing to play with it and indulge in it.

    • Michael Kors: The biggest element is confidence. Americans are always a little bit insecure.

    • Michael Kors: When I was growing up, I had a fascination with things French. I was 12, and I was dreaming of going to Paris.

    • Michael Kors: Michael clothes are clothes we live in every day.

    • Michael Kors: Clothes are like a good meal, a good movie, great pieces of music.

    • Michael Kors: We've got to sell some fantasy. A little escapism never hurt anyone.

    • Michael Kors: If I ever get stumped, I just think about the women I know and what's missing from their wardrobes and try to come up with a solution.

    • Michael Kors (on the woman he designs for): She is a woman of any age, any nationality, and who is fashion-conscious without being a fashion victim.

    • Michael Kors: I am the oldest young designer in New York City.