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Michael LaGuardia

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  • In memory of Michael

    I had the good fortune of writing a fan letter to Michael when he was portraying Josh on All My Children. I requested an autographed-picture & he obliged, addressing it to me personally. He may have only been a minor supporting character in the show & i'm sure many can't recall him as he wasn't a major character, but I will forever cherish my autographed picture of Michael. He clearly appreciated his fans.

    I did a search on IMDB recently & discovered he had passed away. I was quite emotional & cried my eyes out, it has greatly saddened me. Michael was so young & had many years ahead of him. I keep hoping it's a misprint. I have found very little on the web about him. It's really a shame because he was a great person & will forever hold a place in my heart. I will never forget him.

    Rest in peace, Michael.moreless