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    • He is 5'10" (1.78m)

    • Michael's parents are named Patricia and Bernard Landes. His mother is an interior decorator, and his father is a marketing consultant.

    • Michael studied at the Stella Adler Academy in L.A.

    • Michael Landes played in 'Final Destination 2' as officer Thomas Burke.

    • His favorite horror movie is The Shining, the one with Jack Nicholson.

    • According to commentary by creator Deborah Joy LeVine on the "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" (1993) DVDs, he was not invited back to play Jimmy Olsen in the second season of that series because the producers felt he looked too much like star Dean Cain.

    • Michael lives with his wife, Wendy Benson-Landes, in Los Angeles. They met on the set of the movie "The Gentleman from Boston". They got married on October 21 2000. Together they have two children, Mimi and Dominic.

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