Michael Mahonen

Michael Mahonen


4/27/1964, Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada

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Nickname: Mickey Height: 5'10" Weight: 160 lbs Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Green Michael Mahonen has worked in both the United States and Canada. He is best known for his role as 'Gus Pike' in the internationally acclaimed television series "Road to Avonlea," for which he received 3 Gemini…more


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  • Michael Mahonen is best known for his character, Gus Pike - who is described as \"a dirt covered boy who lives in a lighthouse\" - tho an orphan, he longs to become a gentleman. Gus plays the fiddle, smokes a pipe, goes to school and wins all our hearts.moreless

    Michael Mahonen is a very talented actor, writer and director.

    I have ment Michael a number of times, his most recent public appearance was at the Royal Ontario Museum \"Avonlea Reunion\" on May 7, 2006. He appeared with other cast members Jackie Burroughs, Mag Ruffman, RH Thomson, Ian Clark, Marilyn Lightstone, Ryan & Alex Floyd (the twins) and Producer Kevin Sullivan. There really isn\'t enough room here to give a full picture of the man and his talent ... if you would like to know more about Michael, you will find it at \"My Michael Mahonen Site \" at http://www.geocities.com/mymsite/moreless
  • Michael Mahonen is a very talented and gifted actor.

    I have been in touch several times with Michael Mahonen. He is so nice and caring. He has invited me, and many other fans, that he keeps in touch with, to live performances in Toronto, Canada, as well as many places in the U.S. He sings and acts very well. He has so many talents, and he is now currently, winning awards for those talents. Sometime next year I will be meeting him, in person as well as attending, one or more of his live performances, in Canada and the U.S. Everyone should see him perform at least once :)moreless