Michael Manna

Michael Manna


10/9/1971, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Birth Name

Michael Manna



Also Known As

Dancin' Stevie Richards, Stevie Richards, Big Stevie Cool, Steve Richards, Fake Dude Love, Steven Richards
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Michael Manna, commonly known by his ring name Stevie Richards, is a professional wrestler best known for his tenures in the original Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and most recently World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He also made a one-time appearance at a Ring of Honor event. On August 15,…more


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  • One of my favorite wrestlers in ECW give him the ECW championship

    One of my favorite wrestlers in ECW. Should be used more and go on to become ECW champion. I loved his matches against the Vampire Kevin Thorn and his match against CM Punk in 2007 he kicked Punk in the back of the head man I swear that you could hear it connect in the bloody nose seats. Steven Richards is a good wrestler with athleticism and he can put up with pain for example Manna suffered a neck injury so severe in May of 1997, that he announced his retirement. In 2008 he had throat surgery. Stevie was the leader of the BWO ECW's NWO. Stevie is a 2 ECW tag team Champion, is a 19 time hardcore champion. So give Stevie the ECW championship he will" show you you'll see"!moreless
  • One of my favorite WWE wrestlers.

    why hasn't he been used more often? sure i enjoyed his wins over Kevin Thorn and how every voted him number two to be vince's bastard son. but i'd like to see him as ecw champion. maybe he wins it by a fluke and every one in ecw is shocked. i'd start watching ecw then. besides, it's about time for punk to lose the belt. his original ecw time could have been better. if only he won that three way match with sandman and terry funk. raven's lacky huh? whatever. as far as i'm concerned, raven was his lacky. richards for ecw champion!moreless