Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald


12/31/1964, Fullerton, CA, USA

Birth Name

Michael James McDonald



Also Known As

Michael James McDonald
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Michael is 6'6". He was born and raised in Fullerton, Orange County, California. He graduated from USC with a degree in Business and became an loan officer at a bank in Los Angeles. A friend took him to see a sketch comedy to show and everything changed for…more


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  • Michael is the man!

    Michael McDonald is one of the funniest comedians/actors I have ever seen on MAD TV. Staying up late to watch his hilarious skits are truly worthwhile. The character "Stuart" is the best ever! The special line "Look what I can do!" still cracks me up! If you ever seen him on MTV you will know what I am talking about. I tried not missing a single episode that he was on MAD TV. I would love to see more of Michael on prime time television. He is so talented with his various roles and joke deliveries. Michael McDonald will remain one of my favorite comedians in my list!moreless
  • Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo!

    o man i love michael mc donald alot! i love him on mad tv! i love all of the things that he does, any sketch andy skit, anything on mad tv that michael mcdonald does makes me laugh extremely hard! i love him on mad tv, the way that he works with the old school cast and the new school cast makes me appreciate him even more, hes a cali res same as myself and love him even more for that! even though he had a very very very very small part on austin powers, he still made me laugh, he was the one that screamed out no for about a good 3 minutes.....well i love him when he does the role of stewart! him and mo collins are the most awesome- 0- est people on madtv right now. i have seen about every single stewart sketch and about every single one of his sketcjs and i have to say he is a tad bit underrated for the way that things are going for him.....moreless