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  • A master of Horror,Suspense, and Science fiction. I love his episodes of Tales from the Darkside and Tales from the Crypt. I only wish he had written more before he passed on . . . great screen writer and teleplay writer.moreless

    Michael McDowell is one of my all time favorite screen writers. I am shocked and sickened to know that he was never more popular . . . but then again Tales from the Darkside never rose to the top of the popularity list either; he wrote most of his screenplays and teleplays on Tales. The list includes: Inside the Closet, Answer Me , The Cutty Black Sow, Black Widows, The Last Car and The Word Processor of the Gods which was origonaly written by Stephen King--another of my favorites--but Mcdowell wrote the teleplay for him and it was one of the best episodes in the first season and that's saying somthing. His career extended to the 5th episode of Tales from the Crypt: Lover Come Hack to Me. If you get a chance to check him out watch my all time favorite episode of Tales from the Darkside: Inside the Closet staring Fritz Weaver.moreless