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    • Michael: The drama of Saved comes from watching people who are struggling with their daily lives step into the roles of heroes and save people like you or I. It's a really tough position to be in in life, and it's going to be really intresting to watch.

    • Michael: I think people root for flawed heroes because everybody makes mistakes and everybody can relate to people who aren't perfect. And it's a great way to keep characters in the show intresting. It's what keeps people involved emotionally. We want to see if these people are going to overcome their flaws.

    • Michael: Saved is going to stand out from other dramas because people will get involved in the characters. It has a lot to do with rescuing people and flashing ambulances and scary medical situations, but it's mainly about the people. Audiences will tune in each week not necessarily to see the save or the rescue but to see what's going on in the characters' lives.

    • Michael: Saved is a character-driven medical drama. It's a show about people who are trying to help people and trying to help themselves at the same time. Saved looks at the lives and the problems of the paramedics who are stepping in to play heroes in their day-to-day lives. I think people who watch this show are really going to get involved with who these characters are and what's happening in their lives.