Michael Moloney





12/14/1963 , Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Birth Name

Michael Moloney




After ten years in the fashion industry, Michael Moloney turned his design concepts to homes in 1993. Blending the new and the practical with the timeworn charm of things "not exactly perfect" has been Michael's look from the beginning of his design career.

Twelve years ago, the Palos Verdes, California native set out to combine his love of shopping and knowledge of design to open a "new" type of antique store in Redondo Beach. Le Garage was born. He combined vintage treasures found at flea markets all over the country, new accessories and gift ware. His eclectic, fresh approach to decorating took off and, a few years later, Michael opened Maison Luxe in Manhattan Beach, California, taking the original look to the next level, with all things luxurious from France and Italy, where he travels several times a year.
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