Michael Muhney

Michael Muhney


6/12/1975, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Born and raised in Chicago, Muhney moved to Texas at age 8 and resided there until heading back to Chicago to attend college. He received the Arthur J. Schmitt Scholarship from the Goodman School of Drama at DePaul University, where he received his bachelor's degree. Muhney resides in…more


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    • Michael: I once saw an interview where Al Pacino said something to the effect of...If you play the villain, you are not doing your job...no real villain believes he's evil, nobody wakes up and rolls out of bed everyday and says to themselves, "I am going to wreak havoc today! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Instead, you play the character as if you believe there is a reason (however right or wrong) behind all his actions. You have to justify everything your character says and does.

    • (On Kristen Bell) Michael: She is like a sister to me...She comes to me to vent, I'd like to think I am a good listener, a good hugger, and a good advice-giver.

    • Michael: I am in a family of genius IQ's and I've been fortunate enough to inherit a couple IQ points. If anyone goes to mensa.org you can take the test for fifty dollars (I think) and you can be a Mensa cardholder too.

    • Michael: If you recognize me in public, that means you are watching the show, and I love that.

    • Michael: I do live in L.A., Kristen lives almost walking distance from me and we both prefer to come home to L.A. on the weekends after a long week of work (her work weeks are always much longer than mine, as you can imagine.) Sometimes she and I carpool home on the weekends, we gossip for a while and then she usually passes out during the second half of the drive. Poor thing works hard enough for ten people. Regarding the hotel, the production office does a very fine job of taking care of me. They not only put me in a great hotel, but they even take care of certain little extras that I prefer, like being on the top floor, and which direction my windows face, etc. But the best part is, I don't have to pay for it!

    • Michael: Well, of course Veronica Mars is the most amazing show on Earth and I couldn't compare it to anything else, after this show, my whole career will be a dismal "second place" in comparison. I do have a few experiences in my career that go above and beyond and make for great stories but I believe my best stories are yet to come.

    • (On his character in 'Veronica Mars') Michael: At the beginning of the series, Lamb was supposed to be a significant character in the Neptune world, but no one knew how much of Lamb would be around actually on screen. Rob has told me before that the writers really enjoyed writing Lamb, and I was adept at taking what they wrote and taking it further to make him a complex character. I threw comedy in there to make him more of a gray character instead of good or bad person /black or white.

    • Michael: Rob Thomas is pretty secretive about scripts down the line. He doesn't talk about it at all with actors unless we press him on a particular issue, and tell him why we want to know. I can say that he has offered up to me that he knows full well what he wants done from episode one to episode twenty-two in season three. He has it all worked out in his head, and has some brilliant arc for year one with the CW. I didn't ask him more than that. My concern was just getting onto the CW, and then once we get there I will cross that bridge. I know nothing other than Lamb is supposed to die in episode one and then hover around as an angel for the rest of the season.

    • Michael: In the movie Lovers, Liars, and Lunatics I play a sort of a green thief who takes his piece of crap car and his not-so-bright girlfriend to a supposedly empty house where there is a large amount of cash hidden. We're supposed to take the money and get out, and that is not what happens. Instead an entire evening of craziness ensues, and Amber Benson plays my girlfriend in the movie. Things in the robbery don't go our way and hostages are taken and hilarity follows.

    • (On fan experiences on 'Veronica Mars') Michael: If there is energy behind the show and it makes peoples' imaginations run wild, then great! Let your imaginations run wild. I know I look like a different person than I am on the outside. I'm a weirdo. I'm a techie geeky nerdy guy inside through and through. Nothing that has been sent to me has been weird, and nothing in the extremes has been too much for me. If I ever found someone hiding in the bushes outside of my house looking in the window or calling my home number; then I would feel that someone has crossed the line.

    • Michael: I think we should take a poll and see who wants to see a clip of Sheriff Lamb in the credits in his sheriff's uniform, or in the gym without his shirt working out. I'd go for a happy medium and have a tee shirt and jeans, but that's not going to happen. I'll put my money on the sheriff's uniform in the office, because they'll have to establish for the new viewers who Lamb is on the show.

    • Michael: Fans, you have no idea how much we appreciate your support. You guys are the fuel that keeps us going. And I'm telling you our enthusiasm for your enthusiasm is equal to what your enthusiasm is for the show.

    • (On high school) Michael: I wasn't the popular kid, I was always the friend of the girls!

    • Michael: People are always surprised to find out how much of a geek I was growing up. That I wasn't the popular kid, I wasn't the jock. I mean, I was a fast runner, I was great in track, I was great in soccer, I was the fast guy, in football because I was so used to running away from the bullies who would kick my ass!

    • Michael All the actors in the show (Veronica Mars) like to act like they know what the hell is goin on...they're full of it! Rob and the other writers are very secretive.

    • (On pronouncing his name) Michael: If you can rhyme it with "puny" then you are saying it correctly.

    • Michael: I was a couple years too old to audition for Duncan or Logan [on Veronica Mars].

    • (On first becoming involved with 'Veronica Mars') Michael: I spotted Rob [Thomas] on the corner of Sunset and Vine. I followed him to his car. I followed him home. I waited outside his house until he left again. I followed him. While he was inside a store, I let the air out of his front tire. I hid and waited until he came back out. I pulled an "acting job" while I was walking past his car, the role of the good Samaritan. I asked him if he needed help putting his spare tire on. He accepted. He mentioned that he owed me "bigtime." Shortly thereafter he offered me the role of Sheriff Lamb.

    • Michael: I wear the yellow cancer-awareness band from Lance Armstrong's charity LiveStrong on my right wrist 24 hours a day.

  • Adam,,,,Adam

    Love the way he act and dress on Y@R and all round kind of guy, And the way he ware different outfit for the show now that look good. Adam need more air time on the show................
  • What a funny, genuine guy - he deserves his own show....and something classy & sharp too!

    I've never seen Veronica Mars and did not know of Michael until recently when I had the pleasure of seeing him at a convention. In 6 years of con-going I don't think I've seen a more genuine guy and for the first time I can remember I feel compelled say how impressed I was by him. It was a pleasure to listen to him speak (which provided more than a few laughs!) and I can honestly say I'll be tracking his career with great interest from now on. I can't say how refreshing it was to see someone from the TV industry still firmly rooted in reality. It can only be a matter of time until he gets a kick ass lead role :)moreless