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  • Funny and quirky writer and socialite.

    Michael Musto has written about the New York social scene for the Village Voice for umpteen years. He parties hard, but unlike others who trade in public events and the endless flow of talk around them, he is inquisitive but never mean or flighty; he is smart; and he actually meets the people he talks about.

    He is also a frequent presence on E! and the New York channel Metro.

    For many, Musto's column, 'La Dolce Musto,' is one of the highlights of the week. He goes where you couldn't go and lets us into the strange twilight reality filled with people who may be powerful... or just silly. Michael shines a light on everything from the momentous to the ridiculous.

    I'd compare him to Oscar Wilde and Quentin Crisp. But I don't think he wears one of those wide-brimmed hats on a regular basis.moreless