Michael O'Leary





3/27/1958 , St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Birth Name

Michael O'Leary




Michael O`Leary is an American actor best known for playing the part of "Dr. Rick Bauer" on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light.

Michael was working as an usher for The Price is Right when he first heard about an audition for Guiding Light. The show needed someone to help audtion actresses for the parts of Mindy and Beth. He took that job, knowing it would be over once the roles had been cast. Unexpectedly, the actor playing the part of Rick Bauer was fired and O'Leary hired to replace him. He's played the part off-and-on since 1983.

Michael married Joni Parker in 1987 and they have two daughters, Katie and Caroline.

A resident of Montclair, New Jersey, Michael also sells real estate in the area.