Michael Paré





10/9/1958 , Brooklyn, New York USA

Birth Name

Michael Kevin Pare




Michael Kevin Pare was born on October 9, 1958 in Brooklyn, NY, the eighth child of his French Canadian father, Francis, and Irish mother, Joan. Michael has three brothers and six sisters. His father died of leukemia when Michael was around five years old. When he was in junior high, his mother moved with him and his two younger sisters to Fenton, Michigan to live with an ex-Marine Uncle and twelve cousins. In high school, Michael was on the wrestling team and worked at fast-food restaurants to help with expenses. After high school, he entered the Culinary Institute of America in Poughkeepsie, NY. During an internship at Tavern On The Green, Michael was discovered by Joyce Selznick, who later became his agent.

A year later he was tapped for a role in THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO. Shortly thereafter, he and another newcomer Ray Liotta, were in the ABC TV movie, CRAZY TIMES. The casting director for EDDIE & THE CRUISERS spotted him and thought Pare would be perfect as Eddie. This role thrust Michael Pare into stardom, and this movie today is a cult favorite of all times.

In his career, he has made major theatrical movies such as THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT, STREETS OF FIRE, INTO THE SUN and BAD MOON. A number of his films, such as SUNSET HEAT, FALLING FIRE, WARRIORS and FIRST LIGHT, have first been released theatrically overseas before being placed on cable or on video in the U.S.A.

In 1998, Michael played in an off-Broadway play written by Louis LaRusso II, titled THE BLACK MARBLE SHOE SHINE STAND. He previously did a play about Ernest Hemingway's early years, in Los Angeles in the Fall of 1988, and a Toronto play in February of 1991.

Like many American performers, Michael has appeared in Japanese commercials and print advertising.

Michael was quoted once as saying, 'acting is his life.' From his list of credits, we can see that it is.