Michael Paul Chan

Michael Paul Chan


6/26/1950, San Francisco, California USA

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Mike Chan, Michael Paul Chen, Michael Chan
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Chan, a third-generation Chinese-American born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, spent several years as a keyboard player for bands in Northern California. He became a founding member of the Asian-American Theatre Company and trained at the American Conservatory Theater. He currently resides in Los Angeles…more


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  • Michael Paul Chan is perfect in his role in the Closer. I can see Brenda gritting her teeth when he begins to go into one of his detailed, convoluted explanations, but also know when he finishes, she will have the information she is looking for.moreless

    Michael Paul Chan is great in the Closer. How I hate to see this show end! He goes into such detail that even I am gritting my teeth and waiting for him to finish the explanation! One of the funniest and most drawn out was when the ladies were running over welfare people, and he made a diagram of one of the fatal hit-run accidents, walking Brenda and her team all over, or at lesat it seemed that way, to explain his theory. Every single person in the Closer cast is in a perfect role, and could not be placed. Kudos to the entire cast.moreless