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  • Really.

    While I respect Michael Phelps for winning all of those gold medals, he is very much a jerk as a person. I've seen whom he associates with and how he acts in public and I have to say that he is whom I always thought he was. He seemed like an arrogant son of a gun when he was competing and also thought that he was a legend. Lately, he was caught smoking pot. Not surprised as he is what I thought he was: a dumby. For those of you who think he can do no wrong, wake up! Thank you.
  • Michael Phelps set the bar at the 2000 Sydney Olypics by being the youngest swimmer and now he's become not only an incredible young man, but he's now the greatest Olympic Athlete of all time. He's my personal favorite and also my inspiration.

    Michael Phelps has always been my favorite athlete. I saw him in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and thought wow I wanted to be like him. Then during the 2004 Athens games, he did more than most people his age do and I was in shock. Now I've never been so proud. He's set the record for the most Olympic gold medals in a single games and he's also influenced people everywhere. I don't think I've ever seen an athlete work as hard as he does. In the 2008 Summer Olympic Games held in Beijing, China, he did more than anyone has in the history of the games. By setting 7 world records and 1 Olympic record, it was a phenomenan in the making. I don't think that there are enough words to describe what I think of him as a person.

    He's enabled people to follow their dreams and he's shown that anything can happen if you work hard. I look up to him for so much and even now when I look back on his career, I don't see him as Michael Phelps "the flying fish" from Baltimore, Maryland. I look at him and I see Michael Phelps the greatest athlete and person out there. He shows true dedication in what he does, but he also manages to give back to the people in so many ways. I can only hope that one day I can meet him and say thanks because he has given me the drive to follow my dreams. If people want to say that he'll be gone in ten years, let them, but that won't stop him from achieving his goals. All in all, he is the ultimate athlete, son, and role model for not just the sport of swimming, but for anyone out there who's ever had a dream.
  • Really one heck of a swimmer!

    Michael is one heck of a swimmer. In case, you all haven't read or saw on the Olympics. He went eight for eight. And that now he has gold medals as one of the best athletes if not the BEST one ever in Olympic history. As we saw not just in 2004 but mainly in 2008. There was so much pressure on him. But he acted cool, calm, collected. Never seem fazed by the attention and is modest and a humble type of person. Think that when all is said and done, he will be definately in the history books for all to see. And for years to come!
  • awesome

    how can anyone give him anything but a 10? he is the greatest swimmer around. he won something like 6 gold medals, AMAZING. plus he seems like a genuinely nice guy. and did you know he eats like 7,000 calories a day, 7 thousand, that what i eat in like 3 days and he is still ripped. now that is pretty flippin sweet!
  • There is alot to say about him.

    Michael Phelps what to say. The first time I saw him was at the opening of the Olympics. I thought, wow he is hot!, Who his he? Then i found out he swam. I watched as much swimming as I could. Every time I see him swim I am glued to the TV set. He is just a above average swimmer. He has a great future ahead of him. I am looking forward to seeing him swim his heart out at the 2008 Olympics. Go Michael. You rock never change.
  • Michel phelps is an amazing swimmer. Although he didnt beat Mark spitzs record he still did great at the 2004 olympics. Next olympics in bejiing he should be able to do it. Hes one of the best in the world.

    Michel phelps is a great butterflyer. He broke so many records. Hopefully next olympics in 2008 he can finally break the record and make the $1,000,000 that speedo offered him. In the swimmingf world magazine michel has a really hard day with about 2-3 workouts a day and he also has school and enough time to relax at home. Hes multi talented. :-)