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    • (on his loyal fan base)
      Michael: ... there's a loyal bunch of people out there. I mean, I'm not Brad Pitt, but I appreciate them. Apparently there's a website devoted to my chest hair, but I swear I haven't been on it.

    • (on performing in dance show, "Contact")
      Michael: That show also stands out in my memory because it was phenomenally difficult – a skill I had not been able to do and to achieve it gives some satisfaction. I'm a terrible dancer but I loved doing it. I can move in time but I'm not a trained dancer.

    • (on how he likes to relax while on stage)
      Michael: One of the joys of touring is the esprit de corps within a company. After a performance, generally speaking people will go out either to eat or to socialise. I find that relaxes me after a show, but the best relaxation technique for me is to read. Touring gives me the opportunity to indulge in this pastime, which I love.

    • (when asked about eating habits on sets for TV shows.)
      Michael: In Robin Of Sherwood we had to eat nasty old scraps because we were outlaws in the forest, though they did give us rabbit once. Dynasty had far more glamorous sets, but no one ever seemed to eat anything.