Michael Rapaport





3/20/1970 , New York City, New York

Birth Name

Michael Rapaport




Michael Rapaport is an American actor, born 3/20/1970, who is well-known for both his television and film work since the 1990s. Born in Manhattan, New York City, he moved to Los Angeles after a series of expulsions and eventually graduating from high school, in search of work as a stand-up comedian. Rapaport's break in the film industry came through the independent production Zebrahead, while he swiftly landed parts in films such as Point of No Return, Deep Blue Sea and True Romance. Michael has also been a constant figure in television series, with repeat appearances in sitcom Friends as a policeman and a major role in Season Four of Prison Break, coincidentally also as a law enforcement officer. In a varied career, Michael Rapaport has also formed his own production company and has directed several documentaries and series, as well as appearing in several music videos and winning the MVP Award for an NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Basketball match. He has been married and has two children.

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