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  • A Bend In the Road

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 14 - 4/10/08

    While struggling to deal with the aftermath of Jack's accident, the team searches to find a teen heart transplant recipient, believing her disappearance might be connected to her donor. Samantha talks to Brian.moreless
  • Nanette Babcock

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 8/5/03

    Sean and Julia discover Matt has tried to circumcise himself. The business is sued by a faithful client after Sean accidentally leaves a surgical tool inside of her body. Meanwhile, Christian and Grace struggle with a mentally unstable patient.moreless
  • Marine Life

    Full Episode

    S 10 : Ep 18 - 4/15/03

    The morning after their breakup and Clark and Ortiz are on the scene of a homicide and there is a hint of tension. Aware of what has transpired, Sipowicz tells McDowell that it is just a matter of time before it hits the fan between Clark and Ortiz. The homicide the detectives have caught involves a victim who was bludgeoned to death. The murder weapon is still at the scene and contains one good fingerprint. Back at the squad they run the case for Rodriguez. Sipowicz gets a call from Theo's teacher, who refers to McDowell as Mrs. Sipowicz, something which appears to make Sipowicz uncomfortable. Jones and Medavoy are sent to the scene of an assault, once the get there the victim (a Russian woman) claims that she is okay and doesn't want to press charges. The woman's husband, Roy Pardee arrives on the scene. Sipowicz and Clark arrive at the office of Carla Whitford, a woman who was doing business with their victim. Sipowicz plays the answering machine message she left for their victim. She tells them the victim was gay and is "a grade A prick." Jones and Medavoy talk with Roy Pardee and he tells him that he really doesn't know anything about his wife's personal life, she is very secretive. After discussing the case, Rita reminds John about the naïveté of the concept of remaining friends during the short term. At the criminal courts building, Haywood tries to keep a jury convicted drug dealer Jerry Wells from being released on bail (the only witness against him has recanted his testimony). The judge lets Wells go, but as he prepares to leave, he makes a comment to Haywood about there being no hard feelings and he winks at her as he leaves the courtroom. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Justin Tangier who they've found is using their victim's credit card. He tells them that he was using the in conjunction with his band that the victim was backing. He gives them the name Remy Blanchard as his alibi. Jones and Medavoy talk with their victim's co-worker, whom they've been told that he is more than friends with. He tells them about that the relationship that their victim has with her husband Roy Pardee. Blanchard confirms Justin's alibi; but the fingerprint on the murder weapon gives the detectives the name of an AWOL Marine named Russell Stokes, whom another witness says was seen with Blanchard. Sipowicz and Clark go the apartment of Remy Blanchard and they get him to admit knowing Stokes. They get Blanchard to place a call to Stokes and have him return to the apartment. When Stokes returns, Sipowicz and Clark take him into custody. Jones and Medavoy reinterview Roy Pardee about his wife. They tell him they also know about his previous marriage to another mail order bride, who mysteriously disappeared a few years earlier. Sipowicz and Clark bring Stokes into the precinct. Before they can get him to the pokey room for questioning, John Irvin has a chance to see him and recognizes something in him that he had gone through 15 years earlier, which is being gay and coming to grips with it. Stokes is brought into the pokey room and gives them his story, which is that Justin had brought him to the victim's apartment and that he woke up with the murder weapon in his hand. When confronted with being outed, Stokes tries to position himself as being able to commit to the crime. He tells them that they need to talk to Justin. John Irvin has witnessed their interview of Stokes. Jones and Medavoy run their case by Rodriguez as Haywood arrives. She is there to talk with Jones about the creepy feeling she got from Jerry Wells earlier in the day. He gets Wells information from her and tells her that he will take care of it. McDowell and Ortiz go back at Justin. He only admits to making a phone call, which set the meeting up between Stokes and the victim. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Haywood about their case with Stokes. They plan to go back at Stokes, when John Irvin confesses to Sipowicz that he watched their interview of Stokes. He hears what John Irvin has to say about Randall Stokes, it makes Sipowicz decide that they need to go back at Remy Blanchard. They get him to admit to concocting a story with Justin and they bring him to the pokey to confront Justin. Justin gives them the story of what happened. Jones and Medavoy interview Pardee's brother, who they suspect may have assisted his brother in beating his current wife and getting rid of his first wife. Using his FBI lie detection technique, Medavoy get Pardee's brother (who is slow of mind) to confess to his crimes. The brother confesses that he alone had killed his brother's first wife and beat his current wife, since both women were just using his brother. Sipowicz and Clark come down to Stokes cell and tell them about Justin copping to the murder. John Irvin comes into Stokes' cell and talk with him about the issues he perceives that Stokes is facing, just to let him know that there is help available out there. Jones and Medavoy take Roy Pardee out to where they've found that his brother has buried the body of his first wife. Later, Jones goes to the apartment of Jerry Wells and lays down the law for him regarding Haywood. Andy and Connie attend Theo's performance, where plays the letter "Z." They meet his teacher and clarify the relationship issue, but the discussion gives Andy pause for thought.moreless
  • Swiss Diplomacy

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 9 - 11/20/02

    The 15-year old son of an Iranian leader needs a heart transplant in the U.S. Problem is, the only man who could do it is an enemy of the Iranian government; The Senate minority leader threatens to thwart the President's legislative agenda when he believes that Hoynes is doing some political maneuvering for the next Presidential election; Toby offers a Congresswoman a Cabinet position but is forced to take back the offer.moreless
  • Game On

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 6 - 10/30/02

    Bartlet, Leo, Josh, Sam and C.J. pull a practical joke on Toby; Sam's mission to end the Wilde campaign leads him to make a career-altering decision; Jordan backs up Leo as he deals with the Qumari; Toby continues to press his case with a resistant Andrea; and Bartlet cleans Ritchie's clock in their debate.moreless
  • Super Karate Monkey Death Car

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 4 - 11/4/97

    Andrea makes the staff take lie detector tests. Mr. James hypes his autobiography at a book reading.