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  • One the best talented guys I known

    Michael Reiz is an pretty remarkable and well known voice actor.His voice can be found in lots of other animes.Liked in Digimon,Naruto,and some other anime movies as well.For me I think he is the best well known talent is in Digimon.I mean his voice not that hard to picked out of the crowd.He does an good job voicing as Matt Ishida and Takuya Kanbara.When you hear Takuya it sounds more liked Matt.He does an good job on Mizuki in Naruto as well.I think I heard him in an movie called Metropoliton.Where he played Rock something liked that.Anyway he is an good actor.I think many fans adore his work.
  • Hehehe

    As a loyal fan of both Star Trek and Digimon, Michael Reisz is, in my opinion, one of the hottest actors out there *Joshua Seth being number two* and will vote him in for anything. He looks wonderful with both glasses on and off.

    However, this does nothing for him. I think he's a wonderful actor and would love to see him in live action once more. Perhaps, they'll have a live action show, like they do with Sailor Moon, and they'll ask him to be in it.
  • michael reisz.. voice of matt, takuya and more character in digimon: digital monsters.. a talented person with a hot voice...

    micheal reisz is so cool... when he made matt's voice and takuyas wow !!!! thats what made girls like matt and takuya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his so so so so hot voice.. this dude has been in alot of shows... support him so he can go back to digimon and maybe they will make a new season....