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  • To tell you the truth, I\'m writing this in hopes that Michael Richards will eventually get the chance to read it. I saw the tape and I heard the inflection in his voice at the end of it, only after he had realized that things had gotten out of hand.

    I heard the things that were said, and I don\'t believe you meant to say the things that you did; everybody knows that you say things that you don\'t mean when your angry. I also got the chance to hear a host of celebrities shaking their fingers yelling at how they would never do something like that, how they don\'t approve. However remember, Let he who has not sinned; how many comedians center their careers on \"the differences between black and white jokes\"? Look, My point is everybody screws up, and Michael, if this gets to you, I know that everything seems really screwed up right now, but I wanted to tell you a story. There was a point in time when I had 2 girls pregnant at the same time and no job, and everything was all screwed up, and then I heard a sermon on the radio that said that its easy to thank God when things are going good, but the challenge is to thank him when things are in shambles. But if we can look inside ourselves and try to understand that as screwed up as things may be, they are for a reason, for a greater plan, and if we can kneel down and thank God even then, well then, we have truly overcome.\" God Bless.