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  • Michael Richards is known for two things: Seinfeld, and the "Laugh Factory Incident" of 2006. But he's much more.

    Born in July 24 1949 Michael Richards had a slow start in his carrer in show-biz, until 1989, when he started being Cosmo Kramer in the popular sitcom "Seinfeld". The show became the cradle for what he was and still is the best at: physical jokes. His most famous and characterizing thing is the way he enters in Jerry's apartment, like an avalanche. His character was funny in everything he did, from the smallest, like setting his own hair on fire while lighting a cigar or trying to reach his car in a parking mall, to the biggest, like moving to L.A. to become an actor and ending up getting accused for murder. Plus, he has a unique way of acting, completely opposed to his personality in the real life, shy and reserved. Unfortunately his being so PERFECT in the Kramer character turned to be a carrer-killer after "Seinfeld" ending. He had a show cancelled and he did small parts in other shows. Today Michael Richards is remembered by many people for what happened in the "Laugh Factory", and even though he apologized many times people tend to lable him, but I think he still has many things to give to show-business.