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  • Giddyup!

    Michael Richards is ofcourse known best for his role in Seinfeld, and that will never change, ofcourse that's not a really bad thing, as afterall he can be proud of the character Cosmo Kramer as it's by far 1 of the most popular characters ever, and it's the most popular character from Seinfeld.

    But to be honest he isn't 1 of the best actors around, but you don't have to be that to be great at comedy, which he is, even the most simple things make you laugh, the way he moves, reacts, looks and says things like giddyup, you just know that when he walks through that door from Jerry that he will make you laugh.

    And that's why i think he is 1 of the greatest, not 1 of the greatest actors, but 1 of the greatest entertainers, he made more people laugh then most comedians and comedy actors ever hope and get to do.