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  • A season for everything.

    People have to cope with the fact that we go through seasons in life, and mr. Richards also went through the same. He was famous and loved by people everywhere, and yes, with some exeptions, but if we don't have people that dislike us how would we know that we are doing something right?

    but if everybody likes you there's something really wrong and we must examine ourselves and our performance.

    Mr. Richards, you are forgiven, you are loved and you are missed!!

    Please, I pray you have had enough time to reflect, repent, and move on.

    Watching you with Jerry in " Comedians in cars Getting Coffee" brought back many awesome memories...

    If God forgives our transgressions, why can't we do the same?

    Please get over the past and off your butt and back on TV, the future that awaits you is brighter than the past that hurt you!

    I have faith in you!

    God bless!!