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  • I've grew-up watching Micheal Rosenbaum, from his previous series of Justice League.

    Wow! I couldn't believe my own eyes at all. Micheal Rosenbaum is quite opposite than his role of Lex Luthor on Smallville Series for sure. He is one heck of funnist tv star and person i've ever seen. Micheal Rosenbaum brings great comedic as person/actor and great entertainment. Oh, Man! Micheal Rosenbaum & Barry Watson have the same level of comedic entertainment.
  • WOW

    He is such a good actor. he played Lex so good in Smallville and i so despertaly wish that he would come back to the show. he made the show so enjoyale and played perfectly aginst Tom Welling. I hope that he decides to come back to the show i enjoyed watching him and ish him the best in the future. he is such a good actor that he should be able to get any acting job that he wants i hope that i get to see him in another show soon. (but i hope that he does come back to Smallville!!!!!!)
  • he is an awesome actor

    i wish he could stay a little bit longer in the smallville series cuz Lex is Clark's worst enemy so i don't think is a good idea to kill him or try to get rid of lex Luthor in any possible way . Any superman show has to have Lex Luthor in it. Allthough, I think Michael Rosenbaum made the right choice when he decided to leave the series ... it would be great for him to move on with his career . Besides his talent , he is extremely hilarious ! i love his jokes on bloopers and interviews . even his co-stars think he acts like a 2-year old kid
  • Just brilliant! An actor who is always great to watch.

    Michael Rosenbaum is one of those actors who is really fantastic in everything.He's extremely talented & likeable,he's just great fun to watch in whatever he's in.And he's always definitely worth watching.He's also a very handsome man.I've been a big fan since seeing him in Zoe Duncan Jack & Jane.I love him in Sorority Boys,he's hilarious in that! Poolhall Junkies is another great one & he's lots of fun in Urban Legend too.I've also seen him in Rave MacBeth,Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil,Sweet November,Eyeball Eddie,Kickin It Old Skool,Bringing Down The House,Cursed,1999,(shorts) Shear Love,Special,The Devil & The Angel,Bro Search & his voicework in Justice League & Racing Stripes.I love his episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia too.And he's of course absolutely incredible as Lex in Smallville.I'll really miss him when he leaves Smallville,but am very much looking forward to seeing him in lots,lots more for many years to come.He's just the best! :)
  • Talent and versatility are the defining traits of Michael Rosenbaum.

    Since Smallville's first episode ever, Michael Rosenbaum was embued with the greatest share of responsibility: turning Lex Luthor from a hated, sinister, ominous, soul-deep evil character into a misunderstood, melancholic, shadowy but yet good-hearted and lovely character.

    His portrait of DC Universe's greatest archvillain is unique in that Michael shows a different side of the character. He is the absolute opposite of Clark Kent, the main protagonist: while Clark is a natural-born powerhouse, Lex seeks power through earthly means, even if he has to do whatever it takes to gain it; whilst Clark is a pure-hearted flawless individual who embodies many qualities often credited to saints and gods, Lex is a flawed and devastated human being who cannot fight his own nature and blood, and walks a dark path paved with pride, ambition and loss.

    Smallville deals, therefore, not only with the construction of the myth of Superman, but also with the deconstruction of his arch-nemesis Lex Luthor's personality and the reasons why he succumbed from light to darkness. And although the writing backs up the story, it is Michael Rosenbaum's talent that takes Lex closer to the audience, so we can also feel his pain while facing a gloomy future. Episodes such as Insurgence, Exile, Phoenix, Shattered and Asylum are impressive exhibitions of his talent, a quality he also sports as a voice actor in many animations, most notably Justice League Unlimited.

    To point out a flaw in this actor, I would say he has a terribly bad luck in choosing his movie roles. Most of his big screen incursions were in lame films, namely Sorority Boys, Urban Legend, and (gasp) Cursed. But even the poor writing and cheap production of these bombs have not diminished Michael's ability to perform with a special touch.

    In one word, Michael Rosenbaum is one of the most gifted actors of his generation!
  • He is bad, he is malignant, he is evil...! just the character...

    Michael Rosenbaum surprised me. I saw him in Sweet November and in Urban Legend and I never thought he would be the next Lex Luthor. He did something different with this character that we didn't see on the movies. When I saw Superman Returns I realize that every actor that interprets Lex Luthor make him I little crazy. I'm not criticizing; I just think, for the first time I saw a Lex Luthor less eccentric and more evil. In the first seasons, it was a little confusing seeing Lex and Clark as friends but sometimes this happens in superheroes' series. Sometimes the heroes and the villains are friends at first. The development of the character was incredible because each season we saw more of the Lex Luthor that we know from the movies but, of course, with Michael's touch. All became possible with this actor's interpretation and I really can't believe that he will not be in Season 8. His performance will always be remembered as the Evil Lex Luthor and I wish to see him again in a movie or maybe in another series.
  • The Greatest Lex Luthor Ever

    I dont believe that he needs to be reviewed in depth, suffice to say that he IS Lex Luthor. In my personal opinion there has not been a Lex Luthor this good...ever. Gene Hackman..Forget it. Kevin Spacey...good try, no cigar. My hat goes off to this Lex. Straight from the start he has made us feel all different ways about his character. We wanted him to be Clarks best friend but knew that their destiny was to be enemies, and even now as an all out enemy we constantly hope for him to show a speck of "good" and be redeemed. There is definetly a bright future ahead for Michael, and we are the lucky ones who will be able to follow his career from its origins.
  • Great Actor

    He is best known for portraying Lex Luthor on Smallville. Continuing in the comic book genre, he voiced Wally West (a.k.a. The Flash) in the DC Comics animated series Justice League. Rosenbaum has also done film and other voiceover work. In February of 2007, Rosenbaum confirmed that he would be leaving Smallville after the show's 7th season. However, he may return as an occasional special guest star. Rosenbaum has a few notable vocal impressions in his repertoire, including Christopher Walken, Keanu Reeves, and Kevin Spacey. The makers of the DCAU have used these impressions in their work, having Rosenbaum do his Walken voice for Ghoul in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and his Spacey voice for Deadshot; Spacey portrays Lex Luthor in Superman Returns.
  • It is not easy playing the most famous and evil villain of all time. It's even harder when the star of the show is about to become Superman...but Michael Rosenbaum pulls it off brilliantly!

    It is sad that next season's of Smallville will most likely be the last we see of Michael Rosembaum's Lex Luthor. He portrayed the bald nemesis with such perfection, he almost made Tom Welling's Clark Kent look bleak.
    Michael also had some roles in comedy movies, something he has said he would like to follow after Smallville is over. He was also given the chance to direct one of Smallville's episode (Freak) which turned out to be one of the season's best in my opinion. The time spent behind the camera sparked an interest in him that he would also like to pursue one day. With that being said, it is clear to me that it will be a great loss for all Superman fans out there when Michael Rosenbaum steps out of Lex Luthor's shoes for good.
  • My favorite Actor in the TV industry.

    Michael Rosenbaum is one of my favorite actors not only is he my favorite actor on Smallville but hes the best Lex Luthor he's better than Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey. He portrays the Lex Luthor chracter so well thats it hard to imagine why he isn't a bigger star and i think he is overlooked by critics.he is a great actor and better than most and he should be in movies.But he has been very successful in Smallville and he should be awarded for his outstanding roles he has done I hope Michael becomes Successful in his future and wish him luck. He is the best to ever play Lex Luthor.
  • funny guy.

    ahahahahha, michael rosenbaum has to be one of the funniest guys alive on this planet. i frst saw him in that movie sorority boys, or something like that, and it was so funny that he had to pretend he was a girl, i laughed so much watching that movie, then i started watching smallville, and i didnt recognise that he was that guy from sorority boys movie, cause on smallville he is bald and a bad guy, michael is so funny, and its great that he is not like that guy on smallville, becuase i dont like the character of lex, but i absolutely love the actor, funny guy indeed.
  • I have to admit this guy can do comedies as well as adventure drama!

    Now the first time i ever heard of micheal was in a comedy movie called "sorority boys"! It was a very hillarious movie if ya like humor! Well then Smallville came out and i knew the bald guy looked familiar but couldnt put my finger on it. So i was rummaging through my dvd collection when that movie just so happened to fall on the ground. A little light bulb went off. I actually had the pleasure to meet Mr. Rosenbaum at an anime convention called "the Megacon" in orlando, florida. I was so excited that day! I brought a picture of him for him to sign! I still have it along with my other autographs! Its wonderful living in central florida because you meet tons of celebrities especially working in the parks! Mr. Rosenbaum is an awesome actor with lots of talent. To me he has been the best Lex Luther i have ever seen. I love the goofy Lex from Gene Hackman but i read the comics and have to say that this is the way Lex should be portrayed! I applaud him and hope to see him in more movies and i just love watching him in Smallville!
  • Michael Rosenbaum My favorite on Smallville

    Michael Rosenbaum is one of my favorite actors not only is he my favorite actor on Smallville but hes the best Lex Luthor he's better than Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey. He portrays the Lex Luthor chracter so well thats it hard to imagine why he isn't a bigger star and i think he is overlooked by critics.he is a great actor and better than most and he should be in movies.But he has been very successful in Smallville and he should be awarded for his outstanding roles he has done I hope Michael becomes Successful in his future and wish him luck.
  • brilliant actor and a funny guy when being interveiwed

    Michael Rosenbaum is probably one of my favourite actors at the moment. He plays Lex Luthor in Smallville brilliantly and has being my favourite charactor since the pilot. Earlier in his career he was in Urban legends which i also liked. I think it is weird when you see him play a part with hair because you get use to seeing him bald. Its a shame that he hasn't being on more films because he could be a big star because of his talent and personality. If you havent watched Smallville yet you should its a great show. Hope you found this review helpful
  • Michael is very talented and is another Warner Brother golden boy. Michael is the best Lex Luthor that has every been played on tv and dare I say it in Superman history.

    He plays Lex Luthor on Smallville so dark and unpredictable its amazing. So unpredictable while his ex-friend dated the love of LL's life he hired someone to break them up and the kills his fiance's baby doctor on his own wedding day. Can't get any eviler than that. From playing The Flash on the Justice league to playing the villian Lex Luthor is a huge jump and when it came down to "Impulse" aka Flash on Smallville's Justice League episode against the original Flash on the Justice League cartoon it was way to interesting to see Michael up against his former role.
  • micheal does a great job playing the evil lex luthor, but in person he seems really funny and nice.

    micheal rosenbaum is a great actor! lex luthor is a very big role to fill. in my opinion micheal has done a great job to do this. i have seen interviews and other footage of him off stage and he is really funny and goofy. i think it is cool how he will be goofy one minute then when the director says action he turns it off and becomes the evil lex luthor we all know from the show.
  • empty

    Great actor. His potrayal of Lex Luthor is one of the best that I have seen, he was born for that role in Smallville. He has also appeared in a lot of movies compare to other actors on the show, he is one of the best actors around and I know that we have not seen the best from him yet, I just think that he is one cool actor.
  • Michael as evil Lex...

    Michael Rosenbaum made a breakthrough when he decided to play Lex Luthor in th epopular TV show about a young Superman Clark Kent. The show is called 'Smallvlle'. Although, he plays a rough & tough villain, Michael seems like a nice guy and his acting skills are not bad. I have noticed that he also had a guest appearance in the movie 'Cursed'...
  • Great Villain...

    Michael Rosenbaum is another voice actor that I like. He voiced The flash on justice league unlimited and countless other characters in batman beyond, The zeta project, and the most surprising to me would be that he played a character on jackie chan adventures. he is not only a voice actor but he plays in hit shows like smallville, the character that he plays is Lex luthor superman's arch enemy. I don't really know how many movies that he has been in, but he was in like 5 minutes of bringing down the house. I was watching the gag reel for smallville and he seems like a pretty funny guy. someday he will be one of the all tome greats. later...
  • Very nice.

    I've heard Micheal Rosenbaum say that people come up to him all the time and talk about how they are upset over the fact that Lex Luthor is turning Evil. Personally, I can't wait. In fact I think he is not turning bad fast enough. Micheal keeps on doing this thing, where whenever Clark comes into the room and yells at him. Micheal makes a pouting face and looks away. His charecter of Lex Luthor is not completly evil, not even close actually. I think he can handle it, even though he hasn't quiet gotten there yet. Waiting, with my fingers crossed to watch this amazing man become even more amazing.
  • he is my favourite character on the show...

    after the episode where he was in that little mini coma though and he saw his life if he changed and became a good man... i was so desperate for him to be good and then to try and launch that smear campaign anyway, i think he plays both good and evil lex really well... but then again i always seem to route for the bad guys in the shows and like to see them come out on top, so the episode when he finally does get his chance with lana is one of my favourites... and actually come to think of it he even plays crazy lez in a very convincing way in the earlier series. in my opinion one of the best lex luthors to ever grace the screens...
  • Heroes and Villains

    As the young Lex Luthor in the hit series “Smallville”, Michael Rosembaum has gained much recognition among viewers. “Smallville” enters its sixth season and the fans have really enjoyed the character’s ascension to become one of the most ruthless comic book villains. Though he is well known for his comic talents, Rosembaum has dominated the role of Lex Luthor. “Smallville” isn’t the only star in the actor’s career. Rosembaum has provided voice-over talents in numerous animated series. His most popular voice-over work was as the spirited superhero Flash in the Cartoon Network hit series “Justice League”. Rosembaum made the character funny and memorable. He has also starred in films like “Urban Legends”, “Poolhall Junkies” and “Bringing Down the House”.
  • A really good version of Lex Luthor.

    Michael so far has the best Lex Luthor on tv. It's because of how the produces wanted to show, a lighter side of a villain. Michael shows this good side with great depth that his character is so likable just as much as Clark Kent is. Michael portrays the different faces of Lex Luthor, other emotional states we never explore in other superman films and tv shows. Michael does it so well that we actually get to like the bad guy even though we know that his an evil person deep down inside. His various appearances in films don't compare to Smallville's Lex Luthor, he really does a very good job with this one. Once the writers decide that Lex should become evil permanently, Michael can impress us again with his superb brand of acting.
  • A Brilliant Sexy actor!!

    Michael Rosenbaum is a captivating actor! When ever I see a show or movie he is in, I get hooked. Smallville, is addicting, and his charcter is riveting. I am surprised that i havent seen him on the big screen lately! I know that he is busy in all with smallville, but i think he should get out there more =]. I cant forgot about how hot he is. I am obssed! If you do not like him or disagree with my post, tell me why, cause there is absolutely nothing wrong about him! But If you do, then you are cool. lol
  • :D

    How good looking is this guy? Even though his character is bald, and kinda creepy in a way, he is one of the sexiest guys on television!

    This is the first time I've come across Michael, and I'm totally excited I've discovered him. He is just so swauve. I didn't think people could look good bald, but I must have been wrong!

    Gee... he's also a great actor. I love his chemistry with Tom Welling, they are a match.
  • Michael Rosenbaum is the man. He is on my top ten favorite actors list. He genius a comedic genius.

    Michael Rosenbaum is the perfect man for Lex Luthor because he funny, smart and very good looking as a bald man. I hope the Smallville Season 6 Premiere will have Clark Kent/Kal-El verus Lex Luthor/General Zod. Michael Rosenbaum is the bomb. The coolest most brillant of his time. I wish I could me him and say Michael you're a funniest actor in the world, matter of fact I'm giving the award for funniest scene/Audio Commentary.
  • To sum it all up: YOU DA MAN!!!!

    I really enjoy watching Michael and I feel he has more talent than is being shown. He has done a lot of films and voiceovers but I would like to see him be in a leading role; either in movies or having his own tv sitcom. I love his portrayal of Lex Luthor on Smallville and he really is the only reason that I watch it in the first place. He has brought life into that character and has made it come alive. I hope to see a lot more of his handsome face on the screen. Michael is the best!
  • A very talented actor, who steals every scene he's in.

    Although I have never seen Micheal Rosembaum in anything besides Smallville, I can tell that he's a talented actor. He is so convincing as Lex Luthor, I love every scene he's in. He delivers his lines so well, he towers over his costars. He is definatly one of the top actors in Smallville, and even on the WB network. He has a bright future, once Smallville goes off the air.
  • in my book his is a all time great.

    Michael rosenbaum is such a great actor. he plays lex luther in way theat no one before was done he makes a classic villian his own. the other thing that make him so go is that he is nothing like his character just listen to him on any commentary or interviews you can tell that he was born to born to be a commeidum but he just so happens to have to most dramaic character on smallville. people should be a household name but unfortunely his not. but in my book he is a all time great.
  • Michael Rosenbaum not only plays the unbelievably handsome Lex Luthor on the WB's "Smallville," but also finds time to voice animated characters such as the Flash on "Justice League Unlimited."

    Is there anything this guy can't do?!! No way!!! He is perfect as Lex Luthor on "Smallville." He shows the charm, the mystery, the hidden (or not so hidden at times)evil side, and even the true vunerablility of Lex. And then, even more amazingly, you can go and watch "Justice League Unlimited" and see (or rather hear) him play a whole different type of role, still with near perfection. He usually voices Flash on this show (although at times he has voiced other characters as well), and really brings out Flash's childish, light-hearted nature (in strong contrast to the serious Lex). Personally, I would be hard pressed to find a better voice for Wally West (the JLU version of Flash). And then, to top it all off, Michael has voiced villains on numerous other shows (although mostly sticking with the comic book theme), such as "Batman Beyond," "The Zeta Project," and "The Jackie Chan Adventures." In basically any outlet or form, Michael Rosenbaum is flawless, or at least as close to flawless as I think anyone can come. Now this guy has talent!!!
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