Michael Seater

Michael Seater


1/15/1987, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Michael Bruce Patrick Seater



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Michael Seater attends Etobicoke School of the Arts in Etokicoke, Ontario, Canada Michael began acting at the age of 10 and was in a 19-minute Canada movie called Night of The Living as a boy name Zack, who thinks that his dad is a zombie. Michael also now…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Michael "Mike" Bruce Patrick Seater was born on January 15, 1987 in Toronto, Ontario, Cananda, making him twenty-one years old. His reaccuring role is on the show Regenesis. Michael's most resent role is playing bad boy Derek Venturi in Life With Derek.moreless

    I think that Michael Seater is an incredibly AMAZINGLY TALENTED actor. He is so funny and is so good at what he does. In Life With Derek, Michael plays one of the lead characters, Derek, along with Ashley Leggat as Casey McDonald. In the show, Derek is your everyday average teenager who just wants to party and consiters himself as the center of the universe, which is what makes his character so appealing.

    Michael is an incredibly gifted actor who is really good at both comedy and drama, which I say, is pretty hard to do. Michael needs to stick with what he does for as long as possible.moreless
  • Omg.Michael is a realllyy good actor. And is really handsome.

    Ok I think that Michael Seater is gorgeously handsome!

    He seems charming and is totally hooottt!

    Plus is a reallly good actor.I luv life with derek!

    Its a really good show! I just wish tht they would give it more attention on disney channel.And not play it only like 2x (not even that) a day.And u know,I've never seen any of the other shows hes played in, but im SURE he acts really well in them based on his Life With Derek performance.But SERIOUSLY.They should play life with derek more on disney channel!Dang,sumtimes i wish i could live in Canada where they play lwd a lot more than they do here.moreless