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    Anyone see the Sci Fi Original Picture "Megasnake"? It aired a few weeks ago. I saw it on the DVR, just to see if it could possibly be at least mediocre instead of outright bad like most of the Sci Fi original movies. Nope, this was horrendous and Michael Shanks wasn't particularly good in it. He played a country hick in small-town Tennessee. I think he was intentionally trying to get away from the image of a super-smart archaeologist/scientist in the movie but all he basically did was drink beer and act dumb. Oh yeah, and run away from the megasnake.

    I have no idea why it was set in rural Tennessee. Everyone spoke with an exaggerated accent and rolled their eyes all the time. Pretty bad. Not even funny in an unintentional way, just bad. Avoid at all costs unless you really need to see every single movie and TV appearance that features Michael Shanks. Sorry to say but this isn't going to help him transition away from the role of Daniel Jackson.
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