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    Tonight Sci-fi will be showing MegaSnake, I am anxious to see it! Although I am not thrilled with the idea of a 'snake' movie, Michael is in it, so I am going to watch! Has anyone else seen "Judicial Indiscretion" and would like to comment? I love this movie it is so "Anti-Daniel" it shows Michael's incredible range of talent!!! I have also ordered "Under The Mistletoe" and am anxiously waiting for it's arrival. Anyone seen it and want to comment?
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    "Megasnake" is pretty bad. I saw it from the DVR recording. Yes, it's an "anti-Daniel" role but I didn't really see the point. The character is pretty clueless, immature and dumb. It just wasn't that interesting to watch him. Why should we care whether he gets the girl or kills the snake, or even survives until the end of the movie? Bad career move.
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