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  • Michael is one of those rare talents that you find on a series; he puts heart and soul into his roles. He will go far in this business.

    My review is on Michael who if you have seen eps such as Legacy, Need, Lifeboat to name a few is a very talented actor and puts heart and soul into the work he does.

    If you see the eps Double Jeopardy that is also the first time Michael directed an eps and you can also tell he would be a very talented director if he wanted to put his talents there also. A very difficult eps to direct but the man pulled it off.

    And he has also written an eps called Resurrection and even helped out with story ideas like in Evolution.

    All in all a very talented man who will go far in show business.
  • Great actor!

    I've really only seen Michael Shanks in his role in Stargate SG-1 and he really brings out Daniel Jackson. He really seems like the nerdy science guy, but almost seems to macho for it...I will say he is quite a good looking guy, and a great actor. I would love to see him more shows and movies and I really haven't seen him in anything other than the Stargates. He really is a good actor though and he also is a good writer. His talents really do go to waster because he really hasn't been in too much. His 9 season run on Stargate are coming to a close and he has done a magnificent job and I really can't wait to see him in something else. EDIT: He was awesome in 24, though it was weird to see him as a Russian spy. Also, he did great in Burn Notice. Its a great character that he plays and he does very well in portraying him. Hopefully he'll get more roles!
  • My thoughts on Micheal Shanks

    One of my favorites, I loved him on SG-1. I do wish he hadn't left for the sixth season. I loved the compassion and caring his character displayed. I liked how he was always the voice of morality, regardless of the situation. I would have liked to have seen more of him, but haven't got to see several of the seasons. What I have seen of Micheal's character always made me think of the better parts of the human existance. He was ever the good guy, trying to do the right thing in every situation, regardless of the concequences to himself or his team.
  • My favourite character on Sg-1

    A brilliant actor who's biggest hit is also his biggest hindrance. As is often the case with long running series characters they are often (sometimes wrongly) type cast, however as Shanks proved in his brief spell in 24 he is most definitely believable as other characters. Indeed I didn't even realise that it was Shanks as the Russian spy until the second time I saw him. His character Daniel Jackson is a brilliant one, possibly one of the only characters of any show to have died and come back so many times! The fact that they brought him back to life on more than one occasion is testament to Shanks and the wonderfully mesmerising way in which he so easily morphs himself into the on screen character that is Jackson. I can't wait for him to appear in the Atlantis double and I think he should have a permanent role in Atlantis as it would surely be advantageous to have the foremost expert on Ancients in the city, also the only person to have actually ascended, twice!
  • Should be a main character on Atlantis!

    With SG-1 no more (except for the straight-to-DVD movies), Michael should consider a main role in Atlantis! He's such an excellent actor; I think he would bring even more depth to the Atlantis series. Although, Atlantis doesn't need much more depth in that department considering they have great actors already.

    Anyway, Michael Shanks is still one of the most prominent actors in the entire Stargate saga. I hope he NEVER leaves it. He definitely has a bright future. And, GREAT work in your guest appearance on 24!

    Hmm, I suppose I need to say more since I've been told it has to be at least 100 words long! There...that should do it. Keep up the excellent work Michael!
  • One classification is not enough!

    One classification certianly does not describe Michael! I would include talented, should have been a bigger star, underrated, handsome, and has become one of my personal favorites.
    He has show tremendous range of acting talent from the types of rolls he takes on (judicial indescretion & '24') to range within a single roll (Stargate SG-1:Lifeboat) not to mention that he has also performed Shakespear! I look forward to seeing more from him in the future both in front of and behind the camera. If you have not yet seen this fine actor in action, I would highly recommend checking him out!
  • Daniel Jackson...

    Michael Shanks is one of my favorite actors and he is very talented. He is probably most famous for playing Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG1. I think he plays a better Daniel Jackson than James Spader. He is also Canadian, like me. I liked Daniel Jackson better from season 7 on, in Stargate SG1. I think He should go on Stargate Atlantis next year in stead of Amamda Tapping he just seems to belong there. I would like to see him in a few movies as well. He is going to be in the two stargate sg1 movies due out next year. It was also said that he was approached for the lead role in the new Stargate series, Stargate Universe but that was denied. I would actually like to see him in his own series than to continue his character on Atlantis. Later...
  • Plays Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG1

    I love Michael. Not only do I think he is absolutely gorgeous, I think he is a fantastic actor.He steals every scene that he's in and can make less talented actors better. It's a shame that he isn't a big name yet, but now that Stargate is ending maybe he'll have a chance to prove how good he is.He really deserves more recognition. I heard that he is going to have a recurring role in 24. That's a good start. It's about time that he is on a high profile show.
  • Micheal Shanks if one of the most talents people I have seen on a Tv show. She has several episodes that he shows the ablity to of range on Stargate, she can amaze an audience. He can do emotion with the best of them. But Daniel Jackson is the heart of

    the stargate. He helps the others to realize the humanity side of what they do and he has faught as hard any one person on the team, he can do so much that not even realizes he can do.
    Daniel is the consience of the team and the sgc also. He brings the human side to things just when they are fixing to blow up the world once again..
    He has more women to fall in love with him and they dont necessariely have to be from earth, they all love him. but he has one love and he hangs on to that side of himself.
    He can comprehend any thing as long as you give hima minute to look it over. He is not affraid to try new things and jumps right in there. Daniel has been through so much. he has died and brought back he has assended and returned he has been kidnapped more than once but one thing remains the same, his freinds always seem to help him out or find him no mater where he is. He is the one character that can die and never stay dead. But I love that about his charcer, he is unstopable. And all this is because he is so smart, and still learning.
  • Not only is he a fantastic actor, but he\'s great to watch too. :-) He\'s a total joy to watch, and not just because he\'s hott. I hope that when Stargate ends (*sigh*) he\'ll continue in his acting! It\'d be horrible to loose such a great actor.

    Not only is he a fantastic actor, but he\'s great to watch too. :-) He\'s a total joy to watch, and not just because he\'s hott. I hope that when Stargate ends (*sigh*) he\'ll continue in his acting! It\'d be horrible to loose such a great actor. A show staring Michael Shanks would be awesome! If not there though then maybe a movie, or continueing in Stargate Atlantis at least. I really love how he can be so versitial, as we saw in so many different Stargate episodes from \"1969\" to \"Lifeboat\" to \"Legacy\"! Bottom line... I love Michael Shanks!
  • He's the brians of SG1....

    i think michael shanks is very different then the character he plays on Stargate sg1. i don't know many more shows hes been on. i know that we wanted to become an actor after watching Richard Dean Anderson playing MacGyver on set of the 1980's action hit MacGyver. R D A later whent to work with michael shanks on stargate sg1 in 1997. he's married to Lexa Doig and he's a canadian like me so i think he is a great actor not my favourite but still a good one.i hope he can go on another secussful show after he's done on SG1 later.
  • Michael Shanks is one of those actors that comes along very rarely. One of genuine talent, who is dedicated to his craft and to his fans as well.

    Michael Shanks is the kind of actor who is a true team player. When you watch him on screen you can immediately tell is very giving to the other actors in the scenes with him, always striving to make things flow on screen and his and their character come to life.

    He has theater training and it shows in the way he is well adept in using body language and facial expression to create the nuances of every character he is given and to make each one unique.

    He has been one of the best parts of Stargate:SG-1 and his characterization of Daniel Jackson is a vivid portrayal that reaches out and takes the audience to heart and makes the audience take Daniel to heart.

    Look forward to seeing Michael Shanks in many more projects for many more years to come.
  • He's known best as Daniel Jackson and he's great at what he does.

    The first time I ever saw Michael Shanks was on Stargate SG-1. Since than I've seen him guest star on Andromeda, but other than that I haven't seen him play in anything else.
    I think he's a great actor and handsome to boot. He's one of my favorite characters on the show now that Richard Dean Anderson is gone.
    It is so hard to find great actors anymore, but I think Shanks is a great actor. Of course, I've only seen him play two characters, Four if you count Thor and Magello. Thats pretty talented to be able to play different parts like that. I'm hoping that I'll be able to see him in other things once he's done with SG-1.
  • Amazing actor! He could play any part they throw at him.

    Michael Shanks is such a great actor. He has done an amazing job on Stargate SG-1 for all of these years. He could play any part they throw at him. Episodes of SG-1 like "Meridian" and "Lifeboat" and prove that.
    It was a shame when he left Stargate in the sixth season. Not that I didn't like Corin Normic, it's just that no actor could fit into the show like Michael Shanks does. He brings a life to the show.
    I also like his parts as Gabrielle(sp?) on Andromeda. It was pretty cool to see him play the bad guy for once.
    All in all, Michael Shanks is an amazing actor/writer/director.
  • My opinion on Michael, and ive met him :p

    I met Michael on a Stargate Convention in 2005.

    Damn, he is not only an extremely talented actor, he's an extremly nice person! Anyone who has seen him and talked to him at conventions, knows this!

    I had no idea who he was until i saw him on Stargate years back and i was very surprised at that. One would have thought he would have made it into the big leagues earlier.

    Now he's on stargate and has been on it for a long time. And im very happy about that, believe me, i almost died when he left after season 5...but...that said...

    I think it might have worked against him regarding to breaking through to the big screen. He's been stuck in Canada for years, while the "real" action is going on down in LA. He need to move down there and start banging doors with his talent and yes...looks, cuz come on...he's cute!

    And no, i dont wanna see Stargate end any more than you do. I love the show, but i think they need to either bring back Rick or shut it down in the near future.

    Cuz im SLOWLY losing interest, im getting more and more tired of thinking: "That was good, but i miss Jack", after every episode.

    And if i feel like this...ME...a HUGE stargate fan...then im sure there are others too.

    Its NOT the same without Jack, it just isnt.

    I know Michael does what he can to be humorous, Daniel's practically become a joker since Rick left, but Daniel is not supposed to be Jack. I like it, Michael is funny, but its not the same.

    Anyway, back to Michael.

    I cant praise this guy enough. His acting is amacing. He has made me cry many times. And i dont usually cry. But there is something about his face when he breaks down on screen, its so REAL! I cant help but feel with him. Thats talent.

    And its not until you meet him irl that you realize his talent. He is NOTHING like Daniel irl. The character of Daniel Jackson and the man behind him are very different. Im not saying Michael is bad, cuz daniel is goodnees in the flesh. But they are different.

    I hope to see him succeed after Stargate and i have no doubt he will.

  • Good actor, and funny person. Uma das pessoas mais engraçadas que já vi na televisão, e um bom ator, já que faz muito bem papéis trágicos. Gosto muito da sua atução em Stargate, já que seu personagem faz uma nivelação entre os dois personagens prin

    Axo que seu personagem faz o balanceamento entre a Doutadora e técnica Sam e o engraçado O´Niell, mas isso não tira o brilho do seu personagem, pelo contrário aumenta mais ainda.
    Além disso, o ator é charmoso, e bonito, apesar de ser baixinho, apesar disso não interferir em nada no seu trabalho;;;;;
  • a fave

    wow how can anyone describe him Mike is Handsome talenterd Stargate is not Stargate without him.. he is Daniel Jackson and the way he has develolped the charecter from a skinny nerd, to a smart but very physically capable person.. I love him If he leaves again it will hurt SG1 terribly
  • An amazing actor, and not hard on the eyes.

    Michael Shanks is just one of the best. His acting floors me. I am a huge StarGate-sg1 fan and he is the reason i began to watch the show, also the reason in my mind it goes from season 5 to season 7. That said i believe with all my heart that he is wasted on TV. He could act rings around just about any of the big "Stars" in film today.
    Even when doing small parts he leaves his mark.
    I watched CSI Miami just to see him guest star.
  • Wow! An excellent actor who can portray a broad range of emotions in a drama, and equally adept in comedy.

    First saw him in his biggest role to date, Stargate SG-1; after a few episodes I grew to love the character, but after a few more episodes, I grew to love the actor! The depth of emotion he shows in episodes like 'Lifeboat' and his more subtle yet extremely effective displays in episodes like 'Meridian' and 'The Changeling.'

    But, Michael also does comedy well - see episode 'Prometheus Unbound' to see how fantastic his comic timing is, as well as the short film he did with Lisa Ryder, "SF Seeks."

    Also, where he stands miles above other actors to me is his ability to portray so many words simply through reactions. Michael Shanks is amazingly expressive with his eyes and face, and some of his best, and my favourite, moments are when he's simply reacting to what has been said or done - in both dramatic and comedic situations.

    I look forward to seeing more performances by this extraordinarily talented individual.
  • I never thought someone could be that good until I saw him acting.

    I have hear people say that he is the best actor in Stargate SG-1 and after watching his performace in episodes like "meridian" and "lifeboat" I feel like I must almost agree with those persons (almost because all of the actors in Stargate SG-1 are amazing). He's definately great.
    Imagine this: You have never watched Stargate SG-1 but one day, for whatever reason, you decid to watch one episode. Let's say that the episode you watch is "lifeboat" (he's great in all of the episodes he's in but I find "lifeboat" to be one of the episodes that show just how good he is) and after watching it I'm sure you are so hipnotized about his tallent and beauty that you can never stop watching the show. That's how good he is. He has the "power" to make people fall in love with his acting.

    That's how I see him: a great and hipnotizing actor.
  • Michael Shanks (as Dr. Daniel jackson in Stargate SG1) is simply an excellent actor.

    No wonder why during the 6th season of Stargate SG1, the season in which Michael Shanks wasn't a regular actor but only a guest, Stargate fans all over the world joined together in order to convince the production to return Shanks. The effort was successful. He returned to the 7th season, to take back his role. Much joy and happiness to the fans.
    A true proof to his talent, we can find in the episode Lifeboat (Season 7, episode 6). In this particular episode, the SG1 team encountered a spaceship that transported thousands of frozen people from their lost planet to a new world. The ship crashed on the planet. SG1 were inside the ship, when several of the souls accommodated on the ship got so desperate, they invaded Dr. Jackson's (Shanks) mind. Having so many consciousnesses, he started losing it. Finally, SG1 convinced the senior consciousness that they can support power to the ship, to sustain the souls on their way back home.
    While having so many consciousnesses, Shanks played an extraordinary role. Changing his voice, behavior and acting so many times in one scene was unimaginable. He acting was no less then brilliant!
    Michael Shanks in a true actor. One that can play any role that he is asked to. Complete genius.
  • He's got the talent, he's got the looks.

    Extremely talented actor.

    His performances as any character are believable and makes you want to watch more. Being a regular character on Stargate SG1, he is of course well known for that part. Whenever something happens to the character on screen, Michael Shanks can play him as real as he can under the circumstances.

    His performance in Stargate SG1s 'Lifeboat' was highly believable. Giving him a chance to stretch his acting talent from playing just one character to playing several in one body. He wasn't playing just Daniel Jackson, he was playing several other people in Daniel Jackson's mind, and the difference was quite clear. This is something not every actor can do.

    His guest spot(s) in Andromeda, playing a totally different character from Daniel, really was nice to watch.

    Kudos Michael Shanks!
  • Love Him

    Although I enjoy the intire original cast of Stargate SG-1, I have to say that Shanks is my favorite... he does such a great job with a wide spectrum of emotions and situations.... plus man is he drop dead cute!! I missed him much during his absence... I hope he keeps with it!
  • Michael Shanks, AKA Daniel Jackson

    He's awesome, one of my favourite actor, he's really good, (I like him so much he's my only avatar!) and I love his character in Stragate SG-1 : Daniel Jackson, and his talent, if it must be prooved, is totally in the episode "Prometheus Unbound" (the best episode of SG-1) where he's smacked, then kissed, and play so good I couldn't stop laughing