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  • hey! i know that voice!

    i know this guy has been in many diffrent shows. but i know him best as mikey simon. he's also the only person i could think of that could voice jesse and jared from "speed racer: the next generation". he's also the voice director (i think that's what it's called) for three delivery. but whenever i hear that voice, i think "hey! that's mikey!" because that's where i hear him the most. he's definatly one of the all time greats in voice acting. every company that makes cartoons should definatly cast him. (unless it's one of those really cheap cartoons.) hey, you like him or you don't. but the last line is, "that's the guy who voices all those cartoons!"
  • He is Leonardo!

    Mike Sinterniklaas is one of the unsung voice actors who work for 4Kids. His best roles have been Trey Racer on Shaman King and Leonardo on the current series of the Ninja Turtles. He also had a character named Leo on FullMetal Alchemist. Now he's doing the voice of Kappa Mikey. To me, he is Leonardo. He displays his humbleness, flaws, and dedication among others very well. No disrespect to Cam Clarke but Mike never proved it better than during the first half of the fourth season of the TMNT where he displayed Leo's fear and disgust of failure in a pretty chilling yet entertaining sort of way. Throughout the series, he has always introduced likeable levels of character to Leonardo, a lot more than Cam did if I remember correctly. He also does several characters for 4Kids as they use their VA's a lot. This guy should really be picked up by other animation companies and truly get the chance to display his talents. I know I'll be watching.