Michael Skupin

Michael Skupin


1/29/1962, Farmington Hills, Michigan

Birth Name

Michael Skupin



Also Known As

Michael Landry, Scoop
  • Michael Skupin in Survivor: Philippines
  • Michael Skupin in Survivor: Philippines
  • Michael Skupin in Survivor: Philippines
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Mike was one of the most interesting characters ever on Survivor. He would have been remembered for killing a pig, if he hadn't fallen into the fire. He has spent his post-Survivor years using his powers for good. He has a full speaking calander, addressing crowds at churches,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Wished he had got invited on All-Star!!

    I think that Michael indeed got a raw deal and

    It ain't for the incident at the fire but it

    Was not getting invited to do All-Star and thought he would

    Be the sole Survivor had he been on All-Star. The man has a lot more integrity than Boston Rob ever would in his lifetime!

    Good Christian man and loves his family obviously!
  • The nice guy who had bad luck.

    How can you not like Michael Skupin. He was on line to be the winner of Survivor Austaralian Outback. He was one of the top players he is still to this very day they only player to have captured and killed any animal that is not a fish or reptile. (the rats that were released in S1, just so they could be caught, don’t count). He killed him a nice pig with his knife. That makes him Ace #1 in my book. If it wasn’t for his accident with the fire, he could very well have gone all the way.moreless