Michael Steger

Michael Steger


5/27/1985, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Michael Mateus Steger



Also Known As

Michael Carrillo Steger, Michael Mateus Steger, Mike Steger
  • Michael Steger on 90210.
  • Michael Steger on 90210.
  • Michael Steger as Navid Shirazi stars in...
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Michael Steger has Ecuadorian, Austrian and Norwegian descent. He grew up in a middle class family with three siblings. He started working in commercials and landed his first job on V.R. Troopers in 1994. His career continued with small parts on TV show until 2007 when he landed…more


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    • Michael: (On if he watched the original 90210) I was. I've got two older brothers and they watched it and I saw the tail end of it so I heard all the drama and back story. The publicity team sent me all the DVDs from 90210 so I'm doing my homework watching it. It's going to be a fresh show. It is a spin-off, but with new characters. We're having some original cast members come back.

    • Michael: (On playing a director on The Cheetah Girls) It was incredible. I really applied my passion for acting to directing. I've always wanted to be a director so getting this part was a perfect fit because it really resonated with me. I'm a big, avid film-lover, love films, love writing my own reviews.

    • Michael:(On being recognized by fans) Everybody's been very respectful. They give me the double-take and I'm like 'Oh, okay'. So far people have been very nice.

    • Michael: (On continuing education while being an actor) I think it's very important. There was a time I was very discouraged and then I went to college and it cleared so much up for me. Like my [The Cheetah Girls] character Vikram, I was going to go to dental school. I was studying biology but did the play "Tartuffe" and that just made me fall in love with acting all over again.

    • Michael: I can't stand gum. It drives me crazy. Something about it, the constant chewing.

    • Michael:(About appearing in a music video for The Killers) Oh my God. It was incredible! Tim Burton is the nicest guy ever. I was the last one to audition for that. It was a huge cattle call and I ended up getting the job. I was jumping up and down in my apartment, I was so excited. I kept thinking, 'this guy works with Johnny Depp and so many amazing people and has such an eye for amazing storytelling'. He was a genuinely nice guy.

    • Michael: (About his character on 90210) I play Navid Shirazi. He has the most coveted position at the high school. He's the producer of the Blaze News at West Beverly High so he has a lot of respect. He's overly-ambitious, a little self-entitled but he's looking for true friendship and has a great relationship with one of the other characters Tristan Wilds who plays Dixon Wilson.

    • Michael: (About his own upbringing compared to the lifestyle on 90210) I was middle-class. My mom's an accountant. My dad was an operations manager, but it's so interesting to observe how much power these kids have and how adult they are. I was never like that as a kid. There's a benefit to growing up not having too much. It's interesting to explore these kids who have Masaratis and bank accounts with all this money. It's fascinating to explore that.

    • Michael: (About the people in East India during The Cheetah Girls) We had hundreds of people watching. We were filming the music video "Feels Like Love" around this city park and there were hundreds of people watching very quietly, respectfully. The director had to move them because they were so intrigued. We stuck them into the shots. They offered to help. They were very nice.

    • Michael: I love doing accents. I have an ear for it and enjoy it. I have all these tapes at home. It's a fun hobby.

    • Michael: (About Miley Cyrus) She's such a sweetheart, very down to earth. She kept doing Napoleon Dynamite impersonations, little sound bytes. She's fun. She was really funny. Very easy to work with. We joked around a lot.