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  • He doesn't belong here

    Hes not smart and a big goof. Get rid of him!!! I've stopped watching GMA because of him.
  • I watch daily as well

    I, too, was rooting for Michael. However, after watching for the last several months, it is clear he is not qualified or articulate enough to be a main News anchor. It must be an insult to those on the panel that have have a journalism background, or the education, diction and analytical skills to do this challenging job. I get frustrated, now, watching GMA seeing he has such a lead over Amy, who does an outstanding job. Michael should be relegated to his and entertainment. ABC make a smarter decision. You wouldnt place an unqualified person to do your job. Please put him on sports only. Take him off the main table.
  • Watch every morning

    I hate to say this bc I was rooting for him, but, Strahan is awkward. He's a sore thumb and still fumbles. I dont like or believe his reporting, just comes across not so genuine.
  • BoltsFan

    Can't tell you how glad I was when they choose you for Kelly's sidekick... Pulling for you all along, the comedy chemistry is so funny and entertaining.. Would like to know if you are going to attend this year's NFL Induction in Canton? as a huge Jr. Seau fan and being form San Diego 4 of us will be attending the Ceremony and football game on Sunday. I would so much like to meet you and get your autograph if you choose to indulge me. Watch the show almost daily when I'm not out and about. Thank you for your time.. Respectfully, Jerri
  • Michael's Wardrobe

    I love the show. Kelly and Michael compliment each other but Michael's suits appear to be too small and his shirt always is bundle in his sleeve. He constantly pulls at the jacket like he is uncomfortable. Please updo you wardrobe and use a tailor. The suits off the rack just are not for you!!!
  • Very New at This!!!

    I briefly met Michael here in Houston at an event that I was working. He is such a sincere true gentleman. I wanted to ask for a picture so badly, but I was in my work uniform. I watch him in all of those ventures: Live with Kelly, GMA, and Fox pre-game every single sunday. You are a very busy man in which is admirable. I just want to say thank you so very much for helping me start of 6 days a week in a fun, happy mood.
  • Fun in the Sun.....

    I think Michael is a true Gentleman~ We have lost it, over the years! You don't see a many men to treat any women like Michael ! When I was little, I use to watch my daddy & his dad, pull a chair out for a lady~ So Michael keep up being a gentleman, we need more people like you~
  • Michael, Michael, Michael

    First I wanna say THAY did an amazing job picking you to co-host the show... Now... My Michael is and has been a huge fan of yours since you were playing ball for TX to the Giants... He is now off work and will refuse to miss a show... he is worse than a woman I tell ya... So had a thought.... Is there anyway I can Mail you a football and you sign it for him? I would love to suprise him for the holidays... He says "now thats one guy who you wouldnt get to sign anything now that he is up there with the stuffy suits" Wow so dont believe that is true and I am out to PROVE him WRONG!!!!! Thank you! Please whoever reads these for on the message....
  • Michael is Great

    Love watching Kelly and Michael!!! Michael please have Ray Lewis on the show so that we can see the "Ray Lewis Dance" preformed by both of you!
  • not a good co host with kelly

    very nice guy but he should never have been picked to co with kelly. I don't watch the show at all since regis left. kelly needs someone really funny sitting beside her. he is a sports person terrible pick
  • Dancing 11/7/12

    Michael I seen the show "Live with Kelly and Michael" on 11/7/12 with you learning/dancing with this group. I thought you were great and did a great job. I'd like to see you dance again.