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Michael Symon


Cleveland, Ohio

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Michael Symon


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  • Michael Symon on The Chew.
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Michael Symon was born in 1969 and raised in the Cleveland, Ohio area. He dreamed of being a wrestler, but a broken arm in 1990 ended those dreams and he got a job at Geppetto's Ribs as a cook, and the rest is culinary history. He graduated from…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In July 2008 Michael hosted his annual charity dinner for the Share Our Strength organization at his restaurant, Lola. The theme of this years dinner was Women of Food and Wine. The event raised $74,000.

    • Michael said the weirdest thing he has ever eaten is duck testicles.

    • In 2008 Michael was nominated for a James Beard Foundation award in the category Best Chef: Great Lakes Region.

    • Michael has many tattoos. One covers his left shin with flames and fry pans that reads "LIVE TO COOK" and another one is over his heart and has two cherub pigs holding a banner that reads "GOT PORK".

    • Michael has a new English Bulldog puppy named Ozzy. He also has two Bullmastiff dogs named Ruby and Mabel.

    • Michael Symon was one of the regular revolving chef/hosts on the Food Network series Melting Pot.

    • In 2005 Michael was a challenger on Iron Chef America losing to Iron Chef Morimoto in Battle Asparagus. (Morimoto beat him by 9.5 points)

    • Michael is Greek on his mother's side

    • Symon has a line of t-shirts he designed with tattoo artist Natalie Rolle.

  • Quotes

    • Michael Symon: Hey man, I am all about the pork. I just don't get why you'd want a vegetable, unless you wrap it in bacon.

    • Michael: (On his newest show Dinner:Impossible)
      My main goal is to make great food and make people happy. My three goals for the show are (1) again, make people happy, (2) turn out incredible tasting food, and (3) of course, finish on time

    • Michael: I come from a family that puts food first. Many of my memories include family, holidays, and gatherings. Now, I host many of them, so it's pretty cool.

  • How and what to cook for a difficult situation

    My husband had his stomach and esophagus removed in 2012. He is now back on a diet of no wheat, no soy, no dairy, no eggs, no onions, no tomatoes and no carrots. The doctor now says his food must be soft (no corn!). On top of all that, my husband wants the food I make for him to taste good. Both of us do not like or can tolerate spicy (hot) foods. I need to know how to combine spices to make his food appealing. If there were a way, I'd like if you could email me privately. I live in the greater Detroit area.moreless
  • Hey there Homie from the Motherland!

    When I see you on The Chew, then you mention all the good food in our home town, my mouth waters, then I most get something to eat. But there is nothing like the corn beef sandwiches or rubens from downtown Cleveland, the meat has the right spices (not too salty, the correct kick, with dill seeds), so tender (it damn near melts in your mouth) & the perfect amount of fat on it (very little), slice so thin & piled so high on either pumpernickel or rye bread, it is so worth every penny. The only other places that I tasted corn beef like that was in NY city, the windy city & Phillie. But our home town is the best ( I'm not being particle am I?)

    Mr Symon, would you please teach Columbus, Ohio how it done, cause its not pulled pork or cut so thick & tough like a door mat, but should be tender, moist, with a little seasoning & sliced thinly, not like boloney. Would you please, pretty PLEASE!!!!

    Thank you for being you on the show and all the other cast members.

    Peach Out!moreless