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  • Computer illiterateness

    Just to let you know, 1iota was horrible to me when I asked for help to get tickets to the Epcot show 2 yrs straight, thanks to them, my husband will not renew our season passes and I have a condo there that will not be used, one of the reasons we got season passes was to get to see y'all, my husband believe if ya'll chose to use the service if 1iota that I should never watch the chew again, they totally humiliated me and he me in tears continually, just for a chance to get 2 tickets.
  • Coming Out!

    Michael Simon acts so gay, talks with a lisp and comes off like he`s trying to be feminine. Can`t stand him especially since the whole Donald Trump thing. I think Mario`s following right behind him, no pudt intended, LMAO!
  • Disappointed!

    I and many many others are so so disappointed in you by your statement to NOT allow Donand Trump in your restaurant!! What about Hillary??

    I and many others will NOT be watching The Chew any longer!! Shame. YOU!

  • obnoxious

    Michael Simon is the most obnoxious person on the chew. That laughing has turned so many people I know away from watching the Chew. He is loud and buds in on others comments on the show. It is nice to be smart and cook well, but can't he be a bit more humble? Stop that obnoxious laughing.
  • Nice description of the differences betweet BBQ and grilling!

    HOWEVER..... How about chiming in about propane gas grilling. Should it be even considered grilling or BBQ? Always loved is OK with some mesquite tossed on. But gas??? Since you defined BBQ, could you


    nyrobee2000 aka Rick
  • O-H-I-O

    Loved your support of our #1 Team today! I live in Maine, and friends always laugh at me when I tell them what a great city Cleveland is. I LOVE the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- the food is great everywhere. We don't have many Greek restaurants in Maine (read no greek restaurants!), so I love your segments and comments on both Greek food, family, and fun. I've seen you on shows with your parents, I love them! You are fabulous - keep cooking. Eileen Arsenault (no, not greek! and not from Cleveland, but loved my 4 years in Buckeye heaven!
  • How and what to cook for a difficult situation

    My husband had his stomach and esophagus removed in 2012. He is now back on a diet of no wheat, no soy, no dairy, no eggs, no onions, no tomatoes and no carrots. The doctor now says his food must be soft (no corn!). On top of all that, my husband wants the food I make for him to taste good. Both of us do not like or can tolerate spicy (hot) foods. I need to know how to combine spices to make his food appealing. If there were a way, I'd like if you could email me privately. I live in the greater Detroit area.
  • Hey there Homie from the Motherland!

    When I see you on The Chew, then you mention all the good food in our home town, my mouth waters, then I most get something to eat. But there is nothing like the corn beef sandwiches or rubens from downtown Cleveland, the meat has the right spices (not too salty, the correct kick, with dill seeds), so tender (it damn near melts in your mouth) & the perfect amount of fat on it (very little), slice so thin & piled so high on either pumpernickel or rye bread, it is so worth every penny. The only other places that I tasted corn beef like that was in NY city, the windy city & Phillie. But our home town is the best ( I'm not being particle am I?)

    Mr Symon, would you please teach Columbus, Ohio how it done, cause its not pulled pork or cut so thick & tough like a door mat, but should be tender, moist, with a little seasoning & sliced thinly, not like boloney. Would you please, pretty PLEASE!!!!

    Thank you for being you on the show and all the other cast members.

    Peach Out!
  • Snack Challenge.

    Love watching Michael make different well known candy bar's, I want him to try to show us how to make a homemade chex mix and incorporate milk chocolate bits, like M&M's into it! Try it guy's on TV, it taste's great and is a really good thing to snack on at parties. Michael you are definitely a 4 star chef with a 5 star heart!!! I would love to see the show in person, but I am wheelchair bound. I'll keep watching y'all. God Bless you Michael also please tell all chef's love to watch them all cook!! Best od luck to Daphne, she's going to need it. lol Susan Rhoades. Peoria Hgts. Illinois. Huge fan of show.

  • Cleveland Fan !!!

    I just started watching The Chew about 6 months ago. I thoroughly enjoy watching everyone cook and get along so well. It is not your ordinary cooking show and I love this! My family thanks you because I have been creating some great dishes (and I am not afraid to put my own spin on it) Thanks again from a fellow Clevelander! Keep up the great work!!! We are proud that you represent this city!
  • huge fan

    Dear Michael my grandson Anthony will be 23 tomorrow on the 4th of Feb. He is autistic he loves your show and does not miss watching. He thinks you guys our crazy. I bought him a chew book for Christmas was so happy. He loves to cook! If you can give him a shout out it would make his birthday perfect. His name is Anthony DelVallie .We love you guys he does not stop talking during your show! Thanks grandma Judy in Cleveland Ohio
  • Kielbasa and Bean Stew Boo Boo

    Chef in the recipe there are no beans listed, what type of beans do you use? The recipe is on pg 23 of Whats for Dinner. As a fellow Clevelander I love your references to C-Town on the show. On Oct 12th me and my wife were in the audience and was able to meet you and really appreciate the time you took for us.
  • Simon Sez What?

    Michael Simon! I don't know how to address questions to the show, but I have a question. So many of the recipes include eggs. As I have gotten older I have developed a severe allergy to Eggs. Perhaps you could dedicate a show to common food allergies such as peanuts, eggs, garlic, lactose, glutten and tell us what we might be able to substitute for certain items. Thanks in advance. I think you are great on Iron Chef and on the Chew I watch them both!
  • battle of the turkeys..you both did it WRONG..except calling it battle of the 2 turkeys..lol

    buy a new clean bucket..mix in your favorite spices,water,salt,lemon pepper,salad oil,and some soy sauce..drop turkey in frozen....cover with a lid for as long as it takes to thaw..turkey will stay chilled untill thawed..just like a wet fridge..then when its time to cook it...lay it on a roasting rack,and baste.cook white meat up as long as it takes to brown..yes use the broil top heat for this..usually 20min,or less..then flip it over.dark side up..baste dark meat(which is now on top...let some of the baste juice sit on bottom of rack...cook at 400 untill turkey gets cooking.(heated up)about 1/2 hour....cover with foil,or a lid...lower heat to 325..do nothing for 2 hrs and it will be perfect...the wings will be like chicken wings,the dark meat will be perfectly cooked,and the juices from the dark meat will run into the breast meat basting itself down there along with steam from juice on pan bottom...P>S> never stuff a turkey..never!!! leave cavity empty so it will thouroughly cook..I have made a 25 lb turkey in 2-1/2-3hrs ...usually..and always perfect..always!
  • I'd rather be laughing

    Michael has the greatest laugh ever,and I can tell that he likes to laugh I am the same , I go around smiling all of the time and I find Humor in the strangest things,

    keep laughing Michael

  • Cleveland Browns

    The fans in Cleveland have to be the the no. 1 of all time. I don't know where they did their survey but they didn 't do it well. I 've been a fan of the Browns for over 45yrs. I live in Toledo and many of us are fans of the Browns. That 's why I say the survey wasn 't right. We start to party early just like you said, I with them yr after yr win or lose. Also God Bless you and all of your partners on the show. May your show go on and on an on an on... God Bless Grandma "O " Toledo

  • Thank you

    Thank you for making my afternoon so pleasent. I love your comments, and specially your laught!
  • watch you cook

    I watch the Chew every day & I just moved back home to NY from Fla after 34yrs I would love to see you cook Gator on a stick one dat. One day I would love to come & cook with you.
  • Funny !!!!

    U are funny , cute and awesome ...watch u on Iron Chef and u did great.... happy u r on the chew ...
  • Master Chief !!!!!!

    Please would you show the test on meat showing the rare medium and well listing on tv every time you start to do it the camera man pans to the audiance. I realy enjoy all the shows and the fun that you show brings to our house great meals and a chance to experiment. Do you have a recipe for stuffed bell pepers.
  • funny guy but kind of intense


    love bacon and glad Michael tells us to eat it in moderation along with his other fried and fatty foods. fun to watch & love his tips. I got tired of watching the Food channels with the same ole foods with a different host. 5 hosts on The Chew mixes it up & Michael holds things together& upbeat with that infectious laugh.

  • Michael Symon is GREAT!


    I am an avid home cook for many years in the Napa Valley.

    I have enjoyed watching Michael Symon on various programs. Besides being very talented at his craft, Michael isgracious, alwaysup-beat and relaxed under pressure. While competitive,Michael is generous, happy and never loses his sense of humor. No ego apparent and arrogance is non-existent.

    He's obviously comfy in his skin. I look forward to much more entertainment from Michael Symon.

    Bravo Michael!

    SR - Napa, CA