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  • battle of the turkeys..you both did it WRONG..except calling it battle of the 2 turkeys..lol

    buy a new clean bucket..mix in your favorite spices,water,salt,lemon pepper,salad oil,and some soy sauce..drop turkey in frozen....cover with a lid for as long as it takes to thaw..turkey will stay chilled untill thawed..just like a wet fridge..then when its time to cook it...lay it on a roasting rack,and baste.cook white meat up as long as it takes to brown..yes use the broil top heat for this..usually 20min,or less..then flip it over.dark side up..baste dark meat(which is now on top...let some of the baste juice sit on bottom of rack...cook at 400 untill turkey gets cooking.(heated up)about 1/2 hour....cover with foil,or a lid...lower heat to 325..do nothing for 2 hrs and it will be perfect...the wings will be like chicken wings,the dark meat will be perfectly cooked,and the juices from the dark meat will run into the breast meat basting itself down there along with steam from juice on pan bottom...P>S> never stuff a turkey..never!!! leave cavity empty so it will thouroughly cook..I have made a 25 lb turkey in 2-1/2-3hrs ...usually..and always perfect..always!