Michael T. Weiss





2/2/1962 , Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Michael Terry Weiss




Michael T. Weiss was born under the sign of Aquarius in Northbrook, a suburb of Chicago. The "T" stands for Terry. "I think parents get together and say, 'Let's stick this kid with a really awful name,' you know what I mean?" He's 6'3" tall, has dark brown hair and brown eyes (btw, he's short-sighted). His father worked in the steel industry and his mother is a homemaker. Michael has two sisters: one is a make-up artist and the other one is in advertising.

Michael began acting as a child, appearing in local TV commercials. A friend of his mother, working in the acting industry, suggested young Michael try out for a local tv commercial. He got the part and Michael continued doing other local commercials while growing up.

Later, Michael attended Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois. He also studied acting at Second City workshop during this time. As a Freshman he was on Glenbrook's swim team and later on the basketball team, as well as serving on the student council.

While still living in Chicago, Michael had a barage of odd jobs e.g. in an electronics store and a zipper factory. Once he worked as a costumed singing telegram deliveryman, with costumes such as a pregnant nun and a leprechaun.

At 18, he got his first movie part as an extra in the movie Ordinary People by Robert Redford, for which he was paid $30.00.

In 1980 Michael moved to California, where he still lives, but he considers Chicago his home and tries to get back there as often as he can. He attended the University of Southern California's prestigious School of Drama, where he obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the same class as Anthony Edwards, Ally Sheedy and Forrest Whitaker in 1984. During this time, Michael got a role in the musical Hair in Northern California. Along with his other cast members, he played his role completely naked. His parents always supported his acting ideals, coming "to every bad piece of theatre" he played in.

Michael hosted the Playboy channel as a V-Jay, saying "Welcome to the Playboy channel". But this didn't last long, cause he started squinting "like a mole" to see the teleprompter, not realizing he needed glasses. The result: he was fired. Michael also worked as physical trainer at Beverly Hills' 'in' fitness center Matrix One with clients such as Pierce Brosnan and James Brolin.

His television career started shortly after he graduated from USC. He landed a role in the Soap Opera Days of our Lives, playing Dr. Mike Horton.

In early 1990 Michael developed a strong interest in writing and wrote a play entitled Streams of Consciousness. He likes writing and wants to do more, but he has not enough time for it.

To stay in shape Michael works out regularly and keeps up his fitness level while traveling by visiting local gyms. He also avoids eating red meat.

Michael has a strong interest in environmental issues and is on the board of directors for the Earth Communications Office.. "I believe that everybody on the planet, should take responsibility for their own little planet-- their home. If everybody would change one or two things about their life, we could make a drastic change, so that we could have a sustainable future for our planet." Michael "can't stand people who have no regard for the environment" and to show his concern, he once drove an electric Toyota RAV4 in 1999, which was later replaced by a Toyota Prius, an electric-gas hybrid vehicle.

In his sparetime, Michael enjoys the outdoors, travelling, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving (he is a certified diver). He also enjoys leisurely reading.

He has some quirky talents, also he can change his voice pattern to reflect certain accents or dialects and he can wiggle his ears.