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  • Great to see a new face on TV; Michael seems to have the look and talent to succeed in the industry. After his performance on without a trace it’s no doubt in my mind that he is going straight to the top. The question is who’s going with him?

    Charmed and Summerland were great chances to get a glimpse of Michael. Cow Belles was the first chance I got to see Michael show his true talent and his ability to shine. It was a good Disney movie thanks to Michael, Ally, and AJ. I felt Michael played the part of Jackson Mead quit well, a good-looking small town farmer boy, falling in love. These days it’s hard to find talent in Hollywood; everyone is so predictable and phony. Without a Trace was a great example of how Michael brings truth to his characters. Hopefully Michael will continue to further his career in acting and be a role model for new upcoming actors and actresses.
  • An up and coming actor worth watching!

    Michael Trevino is a relative newcomer to Hollywood, but is definitely someone we'll be seeing more often! One of his recent TV roles was as Alistair on Charmed. He added a professionalism and "charming" quality to the episode that doesn't always get delivered by the guest appearing actors. Be sure to look for this wonderful actor on more TV shows and in the upcoming movie "Cow Belles." He'll be co-starring with Disney Channel's Allison and AJ. It's refreshing to see Hollywood bringing us actors such as Michael Trevino who are not only great-looking, but wildly talented! Do yourself and favor and follow his skyrocketing career!
  • Michael Trevino plays in the recently shown Cowbelles. He is cute and very funny. Michael is so charming, he will be the next money maker aside of Tom Welling and people like Drake Bell. He deserves his own show!

    I think Michael Trevino is a totally fantastic and amazing actor. Where has he been hiding? And why doesn't he have his own show? He really needs his own show, a hot face like that needs a show.
    If I had to say he would be my future husband. Michael is only 21 years old. And did you know that Aly on Cowbelles is 15? Wow, breaking some laws but thank goodness it was acting.
  • FINALLY, a fresh new face that's not blond and blue-eyed!He's got talent and a great look that's not cookie-cutter like everyone else on all those teen/young adult shows. Its also refreshing to see that he's Hispanic. That's definately a plus!

    I loved him on "Cow Belles", he held his own against the dynamic Ally and AJ. He is a serious actor who shined in all his scenes with and without his young co-stars. Michael plays Jackson Meade, the son of a dairy farmer. Per his father's request, Jackson has to take time to teach the pretty co-star how to drive a stick-shift, and from there their on-screen relationship starts. In the few shows that I've seen Michael in (Charmed, CommanderInChief, CowBelles), he proves to be worthy of being a teen star. A great young personality who can certainly stack up with his peers: both talented and good-looking.