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  • Great to see a new face on TV; Michael seems to have the look and talent to succeed in the industry. After his performance on without a trace it’s no doubt in my mind that he is going straight to the top. The question is who’s going with him?

    Charmed and Summerland were great chances to get a glimpse of Michael. Cow Belles was the first chance I got to see Michael show his true talent and his ability to shine. It was a good Disney movie thanks to Michael, Ally, and AJ. I felt Michael played the part of Jackson Mead quit well, a good-looking small town farmer boy, falling in love. These days it’s hard to find talent in Hollywood; everyone is so predictable and phony. Without a Trace was a great example of how Michael brings truth to his characters. Hopefully Michael will continue to further his career in acting and be a role model for new upcoming actors and actresses.