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    • Michael: (On working with Nicolas Cage) Yeah, working with Nic Cage was definitely a highlight in my career so far. The man is near legendary...for me at least. "Raising Arizona" "Leaving Las Vegas", "Moonstruck", "Adaptation" and on and on. He's a really interesting cat...extremely gracious and present. I had a real good time shooting that. And Jessica Biel was a real sweetheart...very nice to work with.

    • Michael: (On directing) As for the directing thing, definitely something I plan on repeating when the opportunity presents itself. It was a real education being on that side of the camera. I learned a lot obviously about directing, lighting, lens choice, editing etc., but also very helpful as an actor to see things from that side for a change.

    • Michael: Yeah, unlike most Americans, I LIKE soccer (football).

    • Michael: (On race car drivers) As for drivers, I like Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards but then again I'm partial to the west coast. Dale Earnhardt was my all-time favorite, of course. Jeff Burton, Rusty Wallace, Michael Waltrip, Dale Jarret, the list goes on...

    • Michael: Yes, my family is extremely proud (I hope..pretty sure). Their support has been huge. I would love to get some more chances to direct again. I had a great experience the first time on "Pensacola".

    • Michael: I love auto racing, so I don't really have a fav. team in the conventional sense....which leads me to: The Long Beach Grand Prix. I absolutely intend to participate in the Celebrity Pro/Am Race there in the near future! As for food/drink etc., I'm constantly evolving my tastes and expanding my palette so it's hard to say (how's that for some good ole fashioned b.s.?).

    • Michael: Yes, the band is called 'simpleworld'. I am, in fact, the "fancy" guitar player. We have not played live for quite some time as our drummer and keyboard player both left the band over a year ago. We did manage to record an 8 song CD before we quit playing altogether. It's our second CD actually and I think better than the first. We should be making it available soon.