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do you think michael urie is absolutly gorgeous? or absolutly not?

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    i love Michael urie he is absolutely fantastic! i think he has such a cheeky face and he is just adorable! he's not really gay which i am pleased about! and if he's looking for a Young English girl then i am looking for him! he is very cute and i love him so much! he made me cry though when he told his mom aboutthe real him, and when his mom rejected him the nation let a tear drop for him-it was truly heart-breaking. He always has so much energy when he's acting it's unbelievable! his hair is just gorgeous and i love every little detail about him! No offence to the people who don't love him but i would'nt like to see the people you do love! only joking everyone is different , but Michael is the one for me, my true love

    If michael is reading this, i mean every word of it.

    Love you lots


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    definitely fit! that guy is just so gorgeous! i had never heard of him before i tuned into Ugly Betty and so, i wasn't familiar at all with his previous work. but from what i've seen in this show, Michael is extremely talented and he has this presence that makes us want to take notice of him and to acknowledge his efforts. i love Ugly Betty because michael is in it- if his character Marc is say killed off or leaves Mode or whatever then i might stop watching it for good. michael is of course also handsome, good looking and rather cute. plus, he comes across as very articulate, well mannered but also a little mischevous- just like his character in UB. i don't really care whether he is gay bi-sexual or whether he has a girlfriend to be honest because he is just sooo fine!

    give me Michael Urie over Justin Timberlake any day, i'd say!

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    He is hot! I love him!
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