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  • Michael does a fantastic job as Mark, his timing is perfect and I always laugh hard at his witty one liners.

    Even since I watched the first episode of Ugly Betty I knew straight away that the actor that played Mark was brilliant. Ever since that episode I don't think I have stopped laughing once. The last episode I seen was the one where Mark came out to his mother and I have to say it was his best performance by far. The only time I stopped laughing was when Mark finally showed his emotional side. Although it didn't last long. I can't wait to see the next episode and see how he surprises me. In each episode we get to see another side to him and the high stanards Michael can reach.
  • Definatly THE best actor on ugly betty and probably my favorite actor of all time :)

    Yes this man is brilliant, Michael Urie, he hasn't done too much of TV and movies before Ugly Betty, and so this is a BIG break on his career, and i also must add, hes doing a fabulous job, hes adorable, and very funny, and fun on Ugly Betty, he (and henry, betty, amanda) are THE reason i watch the show, (mainly him though) i love him sooo much, and if i could only meet one person from the cast, it would most definatly be him!! no doubt in my mind would be anyone else, I love you Micael Urie!! Greatest actor alive.