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Michael Urie Trivia


  • Trivia

    • In 2005, Michael starred in the independent feature, WTC View. It's about a man who is searching for a new roommate after his old one was killed on 9/11.

    • Michael describes his Ugly Betty cast mate, Becki Newton, as a "friend soul mate." The two even bought apartments next to one another.

    • Michael and his business partner, Glenn Meehan, own a production company, Out of the Box Productions.

    • Michael used his time during the 2007/2008 writers' strike to produce and direct a documentary. Two Down is an insider's look at competitive high school speech and debate in Texas.

    • Michael describes himself as a "theater nerd."

    • Michael was nominated, along with his Ugly Betty castmates for a SAG Award in the category of Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series in 2008.

    • Michael has starred in many commercials prior to Ugly Betty.

    • In 2007, he has accepted an invitation to co-host The Column Awards. In 2008, he agreed to return and host a second time. The Column Theater is located in Plano, Texas where Michael grew up.

    • Michael earned less than $200 when acting Off-Broadway.

    • He trained his acting abilities at the very prestigious Quad C Theatre.

    • He won The John Houseman Prize in 2002 while attending Juilliard.

    • According to Michael, he cannot describe another show similar to Ugly Betty.

    • According to Michael, the best part of playing a bad guy each week is knowing they'll always lose.

    • He received The Laura Pels Award for his excellence in theatre.

    • Michael Urie was a member of the National Forensics League (speech competitions) in high school. In 1998, he won the national tournament in Dramatic Interpretation for his performance of Confessions of a Nightingale.

  • Quotes

    • Michael Urie: If you can get in front of complete strangers who control your fate for those few minutes without being nervous, you wil lcontinue to do well, and you will continue to do better every time you perform. I learned that from the NFL [National Forensics League].

    • Michael Urie: Everything I've learned about fashion I've learned from Marc St. James. I still have the same pair of jeans and T-shirts I've worn since college, and if it were up to me that's all I would ever wear. But thanks to Marc I've learned a little bit about how to make yourself look good.

    • Michael Urie: If I had to choose between my iPhone and my right arm, I'd have to learn to write with my left hand.

    • Michael Urie: (about his love life) It's not black and white; I'm still young, still figuring my life out. I love the mystery. I'm not going to lie, but I'm not going to talk about it.

    • Michael Urie: (about The Column Theatre Awards) I'm so excited to co-host with John, and come back to help honor the theatre town that I grew up watching.

    • Michael Urie: (about Ugly Betty) I always knew the show was good, from when I read the synopsis then the [pilot] script.

    • Michael Urie: (about Ugly Betty) I was working that day when they came and told us [it was moving to Thursdays] and I was like, 'Wait a minute. Isn't that before "Grey's Anatomy"? Isn't that the biggest show on TV?' It was like, wait, this isn't TGIF material anymore. Suddenly we're a real show.