Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan


11/27/1968, Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, Île-de-France, France

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Michael Vartan


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Best-known for his role as sexy CIA agent Vaughn on the ABC hit "Alias," Michael was born November 27, 1968, in France. His mother is American, and his father is famed French singer Louis Vartan. His parents divorced when he was five years old, and as a child…more


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    • Michael: I have Mets stuff all over the house - pennants, T-shirts, hats.

    • Michael: I think it started when Jennifer began dating Ben Affleck. As a result, some fans maybe thought that I'd be madly jealous and that I would consequently leave the show so as not to be next to Jennifer.

    • Michael: In a weird way it's like church and therapy and exercise all rolled up into one. I mean when I play hockey I don't think about anything, which is good for me because thinking hurts my head.

    • Michael: Look, the good guy in the movie gets the girl.

    • Michael: Ultimately, what's sexy is how they wear something - not what it is - and how comfortable they are in it.

    • Michael: You have to learn to go with what you are.

    • Michael: You just have to keep plugging away and if you get lucky enough to get a job, you get one.

    • Michael: You know, I think even in the cast we often are amazed at how they keep coming up with new ideas because we all feel, you know, that it's been an amazing job to have and be part of.

    • Michael: You never know why or when the next job is coming. I actually like that.

    • Michael: You know, people see you in a certain type of movie and they sort of associate you with that genre.

    • Michael: When you do work you're lucky enough to go to interesting places and meet mostly interesting and talented people, so it's really a great job if you can work.

    • Michael: Well, along one's career you sometimes have to make movies that aren't very good to just work and pay the rent.

    • Michael: One day, I came across an article that implied that my presence in the 5th season of Alias was jeopardized. I was in shock!

    • Michael: I've been lucky enough to have a few Gucci suits flown my way.

    • Michael: I'm not a bling-bling guy; I can't pull it off. I just look like an idiot.

    • Michael: I'm friends with Hank Azaria; his closet looks like Barneys - all the suits lined up. I tried to separate my shirts from my pants; that was as far as I made it.

    • Michael: I would rather do movies because I'm very lazy and the hours are much easier.

    • Michael: I think the hardest thing about being an actor is between jobs when you don't know and wondering if you'll ever work again. It's kind of a crazy business.

    • Michael: I think the audience likes the conspiracies, the spy secrets... And there are stunts and the fact that, to some extent, fans feel close to the characters, particularly Sydney, who's still very popular to the audience.

    • Michael: I think New York is the greatest city in the world, and Paris is the most beautiful. But L.A. is a vibrant town with a lot of new ideas.

    • Michael: I just find the darker side of people much more interesting.

    • Michael: I honestly couldn't care less what people say about me, especially in this business that is based on being judged and rejected.

    • Michael: I hate gold. I'm sort of a sterling-silver guy.

    • Michael: I grew up in a village with 300 people, and style didn't exist.

    • Michael: Every actor will tell you it's so much more fun to play the bad guy because usually those characters are more complex and more broad and more interesting, and have more sides to them.

    • Michael: Especially these days television has gotten so good. I mean, some of the best acting and best work is being done on television.

    • Michael: Romantic comedies are great because there's nothing wrong with going to the movies for a couple of hours and having that warm, happy feeling and forgetting about your problems and whatever.

    • Michael Vartan: As an actor, it's fun to play the 'want what you can't have' aspect of the relationship.

    • Michael: Negative Seven. One director cut me out of my own character's wedding dance. - (when asked to rate his skills on the dance floor)

    • Michael: As an actor, it's fun to play the 'want what you can't have' aspect of the relationship.

    • Michael: Look at the size of my head. It's enormous... I look like one of those dolls you get at the ballpark!

    • Michael: On a personal level it's flattering to know there are people out there who actually care about the character I play. But, come on, it's a TV show... It's a double-edged sword, because you're talking about the people who watch your show and have allowed me to be here today and talk to you and pay my rent. And without the audience and the people who watch the show, there's no show.

    • Michael: Jennifer [Garner] and I are best friends. We have been friends for three years before our little 'whatever you want to call it.' We're still best friends now.

    • JJ Abrams: Michael is a very funny guy, he's a terrific musician. He's a great athlete. He's an artist. He's one of these guys who you might not know much about when you first see him, but you like him. And I think it's because he's a thoughtful person. He's a smart guy, and he's kind of fallen into this job that happens to be acting, and into the spotlight.

    • Jennifer Garner: Michael is so intense, very focused and contained. He can do these quiet, longing looks like no one else on the planet.

    • Michael: I find it the most bizarre thing and the most uncomfortable thing eve... It's amazing how much more handsome I've gotten since I've been on Alias. Where were all these girls when I couldn't get a job?

    • Michael: I was 15 when I had my real first kiss. [I was living in Normandy] and it was with a Dutch girl behind the bushes. When I kissed her I got that knot in the stomach, that warm feeling.

  • Soulmates - fiction?

    Accidently came across the Alias series and watch it over the last couple of weeks. Thorougly enjoyed it especially the chemistry between Ms. Gartner and Mr. Vartan. The idea of soulmates who will eventually always end up together made it worthwile for me. So when Vaughn died I had a strong urge to stop watching, which I didn't in the end there I had a feeling he would pop up again and luckily he did ;-). I hope the view on soulmates doesn't only exists in the fictional world but in real life as well. Wouldn't mind to meet mine with the same sincere smile and warm glance as Mr. Vartan's ;-) Thank you all for the entertainment. Best regards from The Netherlands.moreless
  • Hope to see him in a good series next season

    He is so handsome that I watched Alias just because of him. He has a wonderful smile with shiny eyes. He is also very talented actor. I would like to see him in big screen with big stars. I think he is under rated a little bit; this is because I didn't see him anywhere after Alias.

    I am sorry that big shots didn't last long but I think he should play in crime drama series. I like him in action. Also with his shinny smile it could be interesting to watch him in a comedy.

    I hope to see him in a good new series in the next season or in a big movie and I wish he gains some awards because he really deserves it.moreless