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  • Soulmates - fiction?

    Accidently came across the Alias series and watch it over the last couple of weeks. Thorougly enjoyed it especially the chemistry between Ms. Gartner and Mr. Vartan. The idea of soulmates who will eventually always end up together made it worthwile for me. So when Vaughn died I had a strong urge to stop watching, which I didn't in the end there I had a feeling he would pop up again and luckily he did ;-). I hope the view on soulmates doesn't only exists in the fictional world but in real life as well. Wouldn't mind to meet mine with the same sincere smile and warm glance as Mr. Vartan's ;-) Thank you all for the entertainment. Best regards from The Netherlands.
  • Hope to see him in a good series next season

    He is so handsome that I watched Alias just because of him. He has a wonderful smile with shiny eyes. He is also very talented actor. I would like to see him in big screen with big stars. I think he is under rated a little bit; this is because I didn't see him anywhere after Alias.

    I am sorry that big shots didn't last long but I think he should play in crime drama series. I like him in action. Also with his shinny smile it could be interesting to watch him in a comedy.

    I hope to see him in a good new series in the next season or in a big movie and I wish he gains some awards because he really deserves it.
  • He is simply the best, better than all the rest.

    Hallo from Danmark.

    I have just seen all the alias movies. He was just great. A beautiful man. I hope to see more of him. I would love to see him in a movie with Sandra Bullock, and a movie with Meg Ryan. Two great actress.
    And the best of all is, that he comes from europe.
    He has the most beautiful green eyes an a very handsome smile.
    I am sorry that he didn´t stay together with Jennifer Garner. They look nice together.
    Hope you can read my english. It´s hard to put down on the computer. It will be easier in danish.
    But I dont think any of you can read it in danish

    I love this man. All the best to you Michael
  • He's so funny and sexy!

    Michael Vartan is one of those actors that are not taking themselfs too seriously. Acting is his job, he's really good at it and that's it.

    He's funny, natural and really makes me laugh in his interviews. Last but not least... his smile and that intense look he has... amazing... I bet they can change a bad day into a wonderful one.

    I really hope that Big Shots will have success in the US, because it will not come in Europe if it's not the case!! He also deserves a prime role in a big movie!! Perhaps with a dark side, as he loves.

    Je lui souhaite beacoup de succès!!
  • Review

    One of the most complete characters devloped on Alias. I thought that his onscreen connection with Jennifer Gardner (Sydney) was one of the best connections in male-female television history and I think that went a long way into making this show last 105 episodes. Without that connection I think the show would have suffered very bad and I cant see anyone else other then Varten-Garder for those two roles.

    I would have liked to see his character invovled a little more in the field, but that was never really his job unless he needed to be. I think he was a dominant factor in seasons 1-3, but then tailed off in seaosns 4 and 5 with mroe of a recurring apperance (even if he did star in 4 it felt like he was a little weaker in that season)

    Overall, I think one of the main reasons I liked Alias was because of Michaels performance. Amazing job.
  • empty

    Michael Vartan is a decent actor, but I think that he's starting to get a little washed up. Now that television's "Alias" is off the air, maybe he'll have time to get back into some more films, where he has a better opportunity to really showcase his skills.
  • Love him!!

    Michael Vartna is an outstanding actor and very, very, very hot. I first saw him in Never Been Kissed and when I was watching an Alias with my mom I was excited to see he was in it. Now I love that show because he made it so good. I liked the whole show but well, he is so handsome. Sure the show woulda been good without him, but not that good. I think that he helped Alias become so big and loved, because what is not to love about Michael Vartan? He is a talented actor and as I said, very hot.
  • He´s one of the most hottest actors ever!

    I´d loved him in Alias and I can´t believe that they´d shot this great show! The end is open, but I don´t believe they will start again! It´s a pity, that I´ll can´t see him every week!

    For me he has something typical french and that´s thrill me so much ... He has gorgeous eyes, i love his hair and his mouth and his hot tattoo and in interviews he´s so charming! He´s just HOT! Dead Man´s Curve and Never been kissed was great too and so i hope he´s getting a new show or a lot of great films in the future!
  • Great artist

    He is the greastest artist I have seen. I don't think that Alias brough out all he has to offer, but he was amazingly good at it. In Never Been Kissed too, and Mysts of Avalon, with Juliana Margoulies, he was fantastic. My favorite Lancelot so far for sure. It was so real, so intense. Like when he was Sam Coulson. The coolest teacher on earth..lol He should have had a bigger role on Monster in Lay though. I missed more interection with him and Fonda and Lopez. He has a lot to offer as an actor! And of course, he is really handsome..lol
  • Michael Vartan is a great actor! He is also not just an actor but a musician, artist, hockey player, and so HOT!! I really hope he gets a new show cuz I really don't think I could live on only movies every once in a while!

    Michael is well the best way to say it is so cute!! He was great on Alias, well the whole season 3 made me a little mad but I still loved him in it!! He has these great longing looks that any one could fall for, and his smile no word to express the way I feel when he smiles!! I think Alias made the right decision when they cast Michael to play Michael C. Vaughn, plus Vaughn was just like Vartan which made it so much better to kinda get to know Michael Vartan! I really miss Alias and Vaughn!
  • Hottest guy ever!! And he speaks French!!

    I love him as Michael Vaughn in Alias, and I cant wait for the next season to come on. I love all his movies because he makes them so enjoyable to watch. He is talented in every role he plays and I look forward to seeing him in upcoming films and shows. sooo gorgeous!!!
  • Talented and handsome

    Now that Alias is gone to the syndication vault and the sky aka "TV Heaven!"
    Here's hoping for a blossoming and wonderful future for Michael post his Alias career as he is no "one-hit" wonder
    Not just talented and handsome but also if given the right show, can carry a show by himself
    Good luck to you Michael post your Alias career!
  • Michael Vartan is one of my favorite actors but unfirtunately recently got killed off one of my favorite shows (Alias). He has also been in several movies.

    Michael Vartan is an extremely talented actor in my opinion. He has acted in the TV show Alias and in a few movies including Monster-In-Law, One Hour Photo and Next Best Thing. Michael Vartan is a relatively well rounded actor. He has done many forms of acting including action, love, and drama as well as many others. He is also starring in the upcoming movie Rogue which is currently filming in Australia (I believe). There is one thing I think Michael Vartan needs work on. He is often bad at displaying certain love emotions. In intimate scenes he is often scowling or frowning. Over all I give Michael Vartan a 10!
  • michael vartan, need i say more

    i have a fantasy, michael vartan in a fireman outfit... not that thats the reason he\'s so great. nobody could be vaughn like he is, he was born for that role. and him in never been kissed, 10/10. he\'s hot, seems charming and nice, everything i\'ve seen him in he\'s done an ace job. wats with the frown though? if he\'s upset there it s, or if he\'s thinking, the only time he\'s not frowning is when he\'s smiling... oh that smile. please dont get me started... well that smile. that smile is everything a girl needs to feel loved.
  • Michael vartan started out with french movies, and made his way up to a hit tv show, and many hit movies. :)

    He is awesome!!! he's a great actor, ad he's gorgeous :). I love Never been kissed, Alias, ect. He is an amazing actor, who can play tons of different parts. He is awesome!!! He's going to do really really well. I bet he can play almost any part he wants to, and will. He's already very well known, and i think he'll just keep rising. And now since he isn't working on Alias anymore, i think he'll be able to do many more projects.
  • I love you Michael!!!!

    I can not believe that Michael Vartan was killed off the show Alias. You might as well cancel the show because it was basically the chemistry between Sydney and Vaughn that kept us all interested. And now that Sydney can't fight like she used to (with her pregnancy and all), what will there be to watch?????
  • This Dude is one of the better looking guys in Hollywood. He seems very shy and uncomfortable in public though. If he displays more confidence and with a stronger voice, he could be a bigger star.

    This guy looks great on screen and in pictures. Is very photogenic is a good actor. But sometimes comes off as very very shy and uncomfortable. You can notice when he's walking towards the Camera or talking to a group of people. This may be due to the fact that he's not American. If he improves this he may become a bigger star. That's my take on it. I wish him all the very best in Alias as well as in his future movies. He should try some action movies. He looked very good in the 1st episode of Season 5 of Alias. He improved a lot from the initial seasons.
  • Michael Vartan is so handsome and charming. he is never boring to look at, he sould be in more movies, because he is talented, and he has a great look for the big screen. This actor is one of my favorites, I would watch Michael nig

    Michael Vartan is so handsome and charming. The first time I saw him was on Never Been Kissed, I said to myself WOW who is that HANDSOME man:).

    Michael is never boring to look at, he sould be on more movies, because he is talented, and he has a great look for the big screen.

    This actor is one of my favorites, I would watch Michael night and day.

    I was sad to hear that Jennifer broke up with him, it must be hard to work with her in Alias. Well he deserves to be with someone that loves him, I hope that Michael finds someone soon, if not I am single.

    Keep up the great work!!!
  • I could write a world about my future husband

    Michael Vartan is a spectacularly sexy actor who can act his way through any script and do it well. There are so many good-looking men who can't act, but Vartan sure as hell ain't one of them.

    Whether it be in Alias or a movie, Michael Vartan always stands out (although that is because I'm always looking at him). His acting skills are great.

    Vartan also does comedy well, as he proved in the recent Jane Fonda flick Monster-In-Law (and he took his top off) and he has a good rapport with everyone he acts with. Despite being separated, Vartan and Jennifer Garner handle their scenes together brilliantly.
  • Great actor, great looks, and very charming!

    Michael Vartan is like the handsome guy next door. He is fabulous as Michael Vaughn on Alias! Can't wait to see what's in store for us next season, and what happened after the "I'm not really Vaughn" car wreck. Loved Vartan in Never Been Kissed. I also was lucky enough to see him play in a charity hockey game a few years ago in Los Angeles. He was really fun to watch, because it looked like he was really enjoying himself.
  • Giving credit to French cinema

    He's cute, he's sexy, he's an actor, and he's FRENCH. What else could we ask for??? That also means that French cinema is not dead, there are still very good actors, and those can also go overseas to prove what they capable of, as he does so well. He's following his aunt's path, that's cool!!
  • Hottest male in Hollywood

    Michael Vartan is the hottest male in Hollywood. He kicks a$$ in Alias, and who dosn't love a guy who can speak french. He is a verry talented actor in every role he plays. He can take any role and turn it into a masterpice. Although getting the part of Michael vaughn in Alias made him known throughout the world and has boosted his career, he was still a great actor, just not widely known. Know he's on the TV screen every week and doing a lot more movies. I hope we continue to see him on Alias and the big screen.