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Michael Vartan


Michael Vartan Fan Reviews (22)

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  • Michael Vartan is one of my favorite actors but unfirtunately recently got killed off one of my favorite shows (Alias). He has also been in several movies.

    Michael Vartan is an extremely talented actor in my opinion. He has acted in the TV show Alias and in a few movies including Monster-In-Law, One Hour Photo and Next Best Thing. Michael Vartan is a relatively well rounded actor. He has done many forms of acting including action, love, and drama as well as many others. He is also starring in the upcoming movie Rogue which is currently filming in Australia (I believe). There is one thing I think Michael Vartan needs work on. He is often bad at displaying certain love emotions. In intimate scenes he is often scowling or frowning. Over all I give Michael Vartan a 10!